Floresta Elementary hosts first CSI Night

Floresta Elementary School recently hosted its first CSI night to help solve the riddle of who removed the ice cream freezer from the cafeteria. Throughout the week prior to the event, students were informed of the curious incident, and were given information each day on the morning announcements. This information allowed them to formulate a hypothesis regarding who would do such a thing, and why. The suspects were coach Adam Schwimer, music teacher Jaclyn Kraus, media specialist Gerri Wills, media clerk Cemera Clancy, and custodial services’ Doug Abbhul. Pictured, from left, are Jaclyn Kraus, Adam Schwimer, Doug Abbuhl, Cemera Clancy, and Gerri Wills. Each suspect had been observed in the area about the time the freezer went missing. Furthermore, each had the opportunity, and a possible motive for conducting this act. At the CSI event, hands on investigation stations were set up for parents and students to conduct scientific experiments that would eliminate one suspect at a time, until the true culprit was discovered. After all investigations were complete, it was finally discovered that Coach Schwimer was guilty of removing the ice cream freezer from the cafeteria. During further questioning, Coach admitted he did it to help students remain physically fit for their upcoming mile run. He was very apologetic for creating such a stir, but happy that students did well on their running challenge. Because Coach Schwimer did it for the good of the students, he faced no charges. The event was well attended, and a great time was had by all. Written by Suzanne Diaz, submitted by Viviana Gross.