Floresta Elementary tutoring program aligns with student interests

Floresta’s after-school tutorial clubs are off to a great start, thanks to the organized and creative leadership of media teacher Geraldine Wills and math coach Vicki Pease. They have put together a wide variety of project-based learning opportunities that align with students’ interests and state standards, and in some cases, provide students opportunities to experience new and different interests. Since students are expected to begin making career choices as early as middle school, what better way to help them make the right choices than to introduce them to career fields and “hands on” experiences in areas not previously explored. Students are offered opportunities to join clubs in the areas of horticulture, culinary arts, journalism, woodworking, drama, fine arts, game design, dance, and book clubs. The clubs meet for one to two hours daily on various days of the week and are led by teachers who are excited to share their knowledge and expertise in these diverse areas. Written by Suzanne Diaz and submitted by Viviana Gross.