Students Lead the Way at MSE

Morningside Elementary’s fifth grade student-led conferences received high marks on evaluation forms.  Write-in comments included feedback such as “very informative” and “it was great.”  During the 30-minute conference, parents and students were shown how to access the St. Lucie Public Schools website; the MSE website; the Skyward site; and lastly, the 5th grade 2017 t-shirt, “Think Outside the Box,” was revealed. Then students shared their work, scores on Reading Counts, goals, and interactive notebooks with their parents and grandparents.  Finally, all the students and parents signed garden pots as our 2017 contribution to the 5th grade garden. Students also took home seeds that were donated by a parent.

5th-grade-conf-1  5th-grade-conf-3 5th-grade-conf-4 5th-grade-conf-5 5th-tshirt-16-17-morninside-box-46635