Pie in the Face for Kids Heart Challenge

Oak Hammock K-8 elementary students were up for the challenge of smashing a pie in the face of Coach Branim. The Kids Heart Challenge is a fun and exciting event where students learn about their hearts while helping others by raising money for the American Heart Association. It prepares our students for success through physical and emotional well-being as they learned the importance of being healthy.

This year, Oak Hammock K-8 had a total of 125 students in grades K-5 raise a total of $6,860.00. Students were challenged to raise $100 for the opportunity to smash a pie in Coach Branim’s face. The young Ospreys’ did not disappoint, as 28 students met or exceeded the $100 goal for the opportunity to pie Coach Branim. The students really enjoyed learning about their hearts, the importance of drinking water, and helping others.