Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for the SAC Members at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 is striving to support the emotional well-being of the entire Osprey family, including the families of students. During the January monthly SAC meeting, Ms. Cassey Change, SEL Specialist, and Ms. Lauren Kappler, Parent Educator, provided an overview of what Social Emotional Learning (SEL) means and how it could be used at home to support students. The SAC members, including parents and community members, participated in a welcoming ritual (greeting, celebrations, gratitude), a review of goals, discussed the importance of celebrating successes and ended the session with an optimistic closure. The presentation also provided an overview of available SEL resources for families. Oak Hammock K-8 believes students will thrive, the school will grow as a community and the campus as a whole will benefit as a result of embracing and implementing social-emotional learning.


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