Pie in the Face Virtual Fundraising was a Success for Oak Hammock K-8

The Kids Heart Challenge is an annual event the students participate in at Oak Hammock K-8. Students in Coach Branim’s K-5 physical education resource classes learned about heart health while hosting a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. The virtual fundraiser event had a total of 130 elementary student participants who raised $7,430.00 this school year. The students were incentivized by having the opportunity to smash, Coach Branim with a “Pie in the Face” if they raised $100 or more. The “Pie in the Face” was a success! There were a total of 27 students who met or exceeded the … Read More

Oak Hammock’s K -8 Band is Virtually Unstoppable

Oak Hammock K-8 MySchool students in 7th & 8th grade are creating wonderful music as members of the Osprey Band. The students have been working hard to create a virtual ensemble performance. Each student records their part of the selection, Ode to Joy and uploads it to Canvas. Ms. Isenhower, the band director, compiles all the recordings into one musical collaborative ensemble. As part of band class, the students record, listen and critique their selection and work to align them together to create a cohesive piece. The band is currently making great progress and is looking forward to the completion … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 Osprey Reward Program

Oak Hammock K-8 participates in PBIS program as a schoolwide reward system. Students in the self-contained classroom in grades 4th- 8th operate the Osprey Cart Reward Program. This program allows the self-contained students many opportunities to practice functional skills by utilizing the task analysis approach for learning. The classroom teachers, Ms. Savanello and Ms. Haley support the students by providing the online order form and assist the students in breaking down the task into manageable parts to ensure the orders are completed successfully. The program is linked to ELA and Math, where the students practice counting, adding, and sorting. Students … Read More

Students Explore the Scientific Method at Oak Hammock K-8

Elementary students in Ms. Valente’s Resource class explored the scientific method by researching the effects of gravity and air resistance on parachutes. The students were challenged with designing and creating an effective parachute model (small or large) to land on the target and stay intact. Students in Ms. Kane’s 4th grade class, were scientists for the day, as they made predictions, conducted trials to collect data, observed and reached a conclusion to determine which parachute system was effective.  

Oak Hammock K-8 Sponsors A Chef Boyardee Food Drive to Support Local Food Pantry

Creating social awareness and helping underprivileged individuals and families in need are the things Oak Hammock K-8 students are learning as they sponsor their annual food drive for Grace Packs. Students from Mr. Sparacio’s 7th Grade Civics class are understanding the importance of giving back to the community by preparing the collections boxes to be placed throughout the school and classrooms for the Chef Boyardee themed food drive. Helping families in need is the motivating force for the students as they contribute to society while learning to collaborate, cooperate and show kindness. The school will be collecting donations February 1- … Read More

Artists “Among Us” Oak Hammock K-8 Middle School Art Project

First year art students in Ms. Douglas’s art class were challenged with creating their own “Among Us” online game character. Students combined artist styles and visuals from this popular game to produce their masterpiece. The project required students to choose an artist from an 8-poster panel and incorporate characteristics from this artist into their artwork by using enlarging techniques. The student’s final design was individualized by choosing a specific art media and using craftmanship practices.

Oak Hammock 8th Grade Students Creation of Dueling Historical Heads

Students in Mr. McNab’s 8th Grade Early American History class were challenged to create visual representations of Alexander Hamilton’s and Thomas Jefferson’s opposing viewpoints and ideas for the new country.   Students used the course textbook as well as internet resources to illustrate and describe: The Constitution, National Bank, Structure of Government, Human Nature and Economic or French Revolution. Students were encouraged to use similes or metaphors in their drawings as they created a visual of the viewpoints that connected to the theme and title.      

Oak Hammock 6th Grade K-8 Students Explore the History of Communication

In recognition of National History Day, students in Mr. Sherrer’s 6th Grade World History class, created projects from researching a topic that was historically important, related to the theme, and one the student had a genuine interest in. This year’s theme is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. The theme challenged students to consider how individuals exchange information and interact with one another. Students had to explore how the methods and modes of communication have changed over time, and how they have shaped present-day communication mediums. The students took pride in their projects as they were put on display … Read More

Gift of Reading for Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock Kindergarten students and teachers were generously gifted books courtesy of MIDFLORIDA Credit Union as part of their annual Gift of Reading program. This year students were treated to a virtual read aloud of “I am a TIGER” by Karl Newson and Ross Collins. Students were truly entertained by the engaging read aloud and excited to receive a copy to enjoy endlessly! We appreciate this gift and opportunity to instill a love of literacy in our students. Many thanks to MIDFLORIDA Credit Union for this beloved gift!

The Polar Express at Oak Hammock K-8

The 2nd grade students from Ms. Forston, Ms. Blaszkiewicz, and Ms. Aristide’s class at Oak Hammock K-8 are retelling the story of the Polar Express. The students are bringing their excitement and love of reading by comparing the book to the movie. The classes (MySchool and Brick and Mortar) are excited about building their reading comprehension while enjoying their reading and learning together during this holiday season.

#DiversityandInclusion at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 seventh-grade students (Owls), under the direction of Ms. Garcia, created a bulletin board for the month of November, using the Social-Emotional Learning theme of Diversity and Inclusion. The students were asked to create a display of what diversity and inclusion meant to them. Each student created a unique fingerprint pattern to express their uniqueness and individuality. Throughout the month, the students are learning that being accepting of diversity teaches them how to respect and celebrate people’s differences and that they are all more alike than they are different.

Oak Hammock K-8 Kindergarten Students Explore Reading With Nearpod

Students in Ms. Jackson’s Kindergarten class at Oak Hammock K-8, are engaged with a Nearpod lesson with the book Lizzie Little, The Sky is Falling. After interacting with the book, students were able to test what they had learned by competing to win ‘Time to Climb’ while Ms. Jackson helped and checked their sequence questions. Students celebrated and cheered their success’s as they answered the questions while watching their character race to the finish line.


Ms. Quinn’s K-5 ESE class is learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin. The students conducted an experiment to see what conditions would be the best for growing pumpkin seeds. They created three environments for testing: a plastic bag, a cup and a pumpkin. The students were excited to see the results of their experiments with sprouts growing.    


Students, Teachers and Staff at Oak Hammock K-8 stands United as One during Bullying Prevention Month. Students demonstrated on campus they were Rising Above Bullying by working together in Grades 5-8 to create, throughout the school, “No Place for Hate” murals using feathers. Students, teachers and staff wore orange on Unity Day to show they were United as One. The 3rd Grade team displayed unity by reminding everyone, “You can sit with me #NOBULLYING”          

Oak Hammock’s Secret Garden

After a year of dormancy, Oak Hammock’s Butterfly Garden is sprouting back to life and is available for learning experiences. Ms. Campbell, 6th Grade ELA teacher, nurtured and cultivated a learning environment for students. The garden also provides a park-like atmosphere where students and staff alike can go to de-stress or meditate, and it is frequently used during SEL for students to have discussions and complete exploratory writing. The garden is a great place to practice scientific observations skills, practice mapping skills, read a book, or seek artistic inspiration! The butterfly garden is in the center of campus, not by … Read More

Oak Hammock K-8 is UNITED as ONE to Stomp Out Bullying

Oak Hammock K8 students participated in Anti-Bullying Month activities during October. Pictured are students displaying links from the Unity Chain assembled by Kindergarteners through Fourth graders. The chain represents their pledge to use kind words and UNITE as ONE to stomp out bullying.

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Deliver A Powerful Message Against Bullying

Aligned with the Oak Hammock K-8 implementation of Love and Logic strategies and the Anti-Bullying campaign for October, four students from 5th – 8th Grade collaborated, to deliver a positive message displayed on the school fencing, visible to teachers, students and community members. The students were given a task to complete, they problem solved and demonstrated exemplary teamwork as they worked together to create a wonderful exhibit. In celebration of their efforts, drivers honked their horns as they passed by to demonstrate their support for the students’ act of kindness and unity. It was truly a proud moment for the … Read More

Learning by Doing: Exploring The Water Cycle at Oak Hammock K-8

Oak Hammock K-8 middle school students in Ms. Savanello Mcquay’s Science class, were engaged in learning how water flows from state to state throughout the earth, known as the water cycle. Through kinesthetic learning, students learned about the water cycle by creating a model that emulated the water cycle process. For the duration of the unit, each day during science, students observed their model for changes and discuss the changes as a class. Being able to learn hands-on is especially important for the students because they were able to explore and experiment with the water cycle, by gaining a rewarding … Read More

MySchool 2nd Grade Class at Oak Hammock K-8 Used Project Based Learning to Commemorate 9/11

Mrs. Aristide’s Second Grade MySchool students at Oak Hammock K-8, enhanced their understanding of Citizenship and Government through Project Based Learning (PBL) by honoring 9/11. Mrs. Aristide, encouraged the students to explore: What is the significance of American Symbols? Students researched, selected and gathered data about their American Symbol. This PBL assignment challenged students to ask, collect, visualize, and create independently. Students gained insight on the importance and historical significance of their American Symbol by creating and presenting a project board. Remembering 9/11: Iconic American Symbols

Oak Hammock K-8 Students Train the Mind and Body While Focusing on Students’ Well-Being

Students in Coach Branim’s physical education classes are learning about the importance of having a physically fit mind and body. All students, on campus and MySchool, start each class with warm-up exercises. Coach Branim reminds students, when your body is active, you feel better physically and mentally. Students are learning warm-ups activities that allow the blood in their body to flow, this provides for better movement and brain function. Simple exercise movements are incorporated with each lesson to help students feel comfortable and relaxed. The picture shows the Kindergarten class learning different exercises with the Little Sports website. Coach Branim’s … Read More