8th-Grade Students from Oak Hammock K8 Attends Gradventure

Oak Hammock’s 8th-grade students enjoyed a fun-filled night at the theme park. They had an opportunity to enjoy peers and teachers outside of the school and classroom setting. This was a memorable night for students. For some students, this was the first time that they had visited a theme park. A good time was had by all who attended.    

Oak Hammock K8 Hosts Mother and Son Dance

Kindergarten through third-grade boys enjoyed a night out with their moms at the Mother/Son Dance that took place in the cafeteria at Oak Hammock K8 School. They enjoyed a nice dinner with mom, a variety of crafts, and picture-taking while dancing the night away. Both sons and moms had a memorable time. A big thank you goes out to the teachers and staff who facilitated this event. Also, thank you to the JROTC from Treasure Coast High School for their support.                                       … Read More

Students at Oak Hammock K8 Enjoy a PBiS Celebration

Students at Oak Hammock K8 School participated in an after school PBiS event. To participate in this activity, students had to have earned 10 Osprey dollars and have no referrals for an allotted period. Students enjoyed dancing, a tattoo station, arts and crafts, pizza, and cupcakes. A good time was had by all who participated.

Oak Hammock K8 Students Participate in Career and Technical Showcase

Students from Oak Hammock K8 participated in Career and Technical Education (CTE) showcase with students from middle and high schools across St. Lucie Public Schools. The Showcase was all about Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset. The CTE classroom is a perfect place for teaching these skills, since CTE teachers already cover many lessons and projects in entrepreneurship. The categories were New Food truck concept, E-commerce, 3D Printing, Welding, Artistic creation, and Middle School Entrepreneurship. Oak Hammock k-8 participated in the middle school Entrepreneurship category. Students at Oak Hammock K8 School continue to Level up Learning, to Level up Success!  

Oak Hammock K8 Student Wins at the St. Lucie County History Fair

Sawyer Putnam, a 6th grade student at Oak Hammock K8 School competed at the St. Lucie District History Fair and won first place for his individual exhibit titled “The Completion of the Panama Canal”. He competed against 92 other students from various middle and high schools in St. Lucie County. Congratulations Sawyer! Continue to level up learning.

Kona Ice Partners with Oak Hammock K8 for Reading Incentive

Our business partner Kona Ice challenged students to level up their reading with a challenge that rewards one lucky class with a sweet surprise! At Oak Hammock, we used a Read Across America Read-Tac-Toe activity to encourage more reading engagement leading up to Read Across America Day. Mrs. Buchanan’s 3rd-grade class won the challenge and received a Read-a-Loud and Kona Ice reward. Students at Oak Hammock continue to Level up Learning, and Level up Success!                  

Holocaust Remembrance Day at Oak Hammock K8

18 Survivors of the Holocaust shared their stories with students and teachers at Oak Hammock K8 School. Also among the listeners was the Mayor of Port. St. Lucie, School Board Members, School District Personnel, and the Superintendent. Students recited poems that were written for the event and a surprise guest speaker told of his experience of studying about the Holocaust while in college. The event was very informative and left a lasting impression on all who attended.      

Oak Hammock K8 Students Wins at the County Regional STEM Fair

Congratulations to OHK8 students for winning at the County’s Regional STEM Fair. Micah Prakash, a 7th-grade student, won 2nd place in Intelligent Machines with “Pen vs Pixel. Lydia Bailey, an 8th-grade student won 2nd place in Environmental Science with “Recycled Paper.” The OHK8 family is extremely proud of their accomplishment. Continue to Level up Learning and Level up Success!                                                               

Oak Hammock K8 Sixth-Grade Students Identify Cells During Science Lab

The students in Ms. Glendinning’s sixth-grade science class have been learning about various organelles. They enjoyed working in the science lab as they used microscopes to look at onion cells and cells of various types of plants. The students rotated microscope stations to see the cells of the different plants. They identified and drew the organelles according to what they saw in the microscope. They worked in groups to discuss their findings. The students really enjoyed working on this assignment as they Level up Learning and Level up Success.                       … Read More

Daddy/Daughter Dance at Oak Hammock K8

Kindergarten, First, and Second-grade girls at Oak Hammock K8 invited their dads to the Daddy/Daughter Dance that was held in the school’s cafeteria. They enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, and stencil painting while dancing the night away. Both daughters and dads had a memorable time. A big thank you goes out to the teachers and staff who facilitated this event. Also, thank you to JROTC from Treasure Coast High School for your support.            

Oak Hammock Seventh-Grade Band Performed at the Port St. Lucie Community Center

Under the leadership of Mrs. Amy Isenhower, the Oak Hammock Seventh-Grade Band gave a compelling performance during the Citizen Summit that was held at the Port St. Lucie Community Center. The audience was captivated and amazed at the musical ability the students displayed during this performance. Through the musical performance, the students Leveled up Learning, Leveled up Success.                                                            

Oak Hammock K8 Students Participate in the Science Fair

At Oak Hammock K8 we are proud of our 6th through 8th grade STEM Fair winners & Regional STEM Fair qualifiers. We are so amazed at their creativity and the hard work our students put into their projects this year. Some of the winning projects are electricity produced by fruit, an automatic plant watering system, a cleaning robot, and Pen vs Pixel (AI). We are so incredibly proud of our students who Level Up Learning, Level Up Success!

Florida’s New Worlds Reading Initiative is Presented during Family Engagement Night at Oak Hammock K8

Oak Hammock K-8 school partnered with Florida’s New Worlds Reading Initiative to provide Kindergarten through fifth-grade families with free books and activities to Level Up reading skills. New Worlds Reading was developed by the Florida legislature to enhance at home reading development and engage families in fostering early reading to increase student success. The program generously provided Chick-fil-A to fill our families’ bellies, and free books and activities to fill their hearts and minds! Osprey families learned about the program that is facilitated by the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning, how to register to receive free books at … Read More

Oak Hammock K8 Student Names Port St. Lucie’s Street Sweeper

Ruby Isenhower, a second-grade student at Oak Hammock K8, won the Port St. Lucie “Name the Street Sweeper” contest. Ruby was one of many students who submitted a name. The name that she submitted was “Sweep Caroline”, based on the song Sweet Caroline that was written by Neil Diamond. City Council Members, along with Kona Ice, recognized Ruby by rewarding her whole class with a Kona Ice party at school. Oak Hammock K8 students Level up Learning, Level up Success at school and in the community.                             … Read More

National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

6th through 8th grade students at Oak Hammock K8 School participated in an induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society. The purpose of this organization is to promote leadership and build character among middle school students. Students are also provided with an opportunity to grow academically as they prepare for upper-level classes in high school. Members of the NJHS will serve as leaders of the student body as they Level up Learning, Level Up Success!

Career Day at Oak Hammock K8

During Spirit Week at Oak Hammock K8 School, students dressed up as workers from different careers. Career Day encourages students to focus on their future and prepare for a world of possibilities. Among the students are our future doctors, businessmen and women, public service workers, soldiers, teachers, scientists, and politicians. They are the professionals who Level Up Learning! Level up Success.                             

Oak Hammock K8 School Celebrates Veterans

Veterans at Oak Hammock K8 gathered and shared stories as they enjoyed a continental breakfast from Panera Bread to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor those who served honorably in the military. Students and staff Leveled Up Learning and provided Veterans with letters, tokens of appreciation, and accolades throughout the day. The administrators and the entire Osprey Family at OHK8 say “Thank you for your Service”. Happy Veterans Day!

Oak Hammock K8’s Cafeteria and Maintenance Staff Participates in Bullying Prevention Month

During Bullying Prevention Month, the Cafeteria and Maintenance staff Leveled Up and showed their support for the “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” initiative by showing how colorful friendship can be. The colors are a representation of how you can be surrounded by people who are different while realizing the value that each one brings to the pack. In their different roles of creating nutritious meals and providing a clean and safe environment, they help the students Level Up Learning, Level Up Success!    

OHK8 Celebrates National Bullying Prevention Month

October 31st culminates National Bullying Prevention Month. To showcase the many students that go above and beyond to “be a buddy, not a bully”, we launched our “Level Up, Buddy Up” student initiative. Teachers were on the lookout for students who they witnessed being kind, helpful, or upstanding towards a fellow student. Students were recognized by having their picture taken and displayed on the “Buddy Up, Level Up Wall of Fame“, and their names were entered into a drawing to win a prize.  Students at Oak Hammock K8 continue to Level Up!