Desk Fairy Visits Weatherbee

  The Desk Fairy recently visited Miss Petrie’s first grade classroom at Weatherbee and left a gift on this student’s clean and organized desk!  Way to go, Journi!

Northport Continues Annual September 11 Commemoration

Each year at Northport, our school prepares and presents a huge and unified presentation to commemorate September 11, 2001. This year, unfortunately, due to social distancing and mask wearing, our program will not be the same meeting in the media center that we have done every year. We will never forget how important it is to teach the children though. Our lessons will continue. The Northport media center is dedicated to the eight children who lost their lives on 9/11. We will post student work, songs, dedications and promote unity, love and patriotism in the honor of the nearly 3000 … Read More

Social Emotional Learning in Action at Morningside Elementary School

Students and teachers at Morningside Elementary School are actively engaging in Social Emotional Learning both live and virtually. Students are participating in Sanford Harmony lessons, Circles, and Meet Ups.  They have set Harmony Goals for their individual classrooms and are creating unique greetings and responses to emotions.  Blue Jays are creating safe, healing and relationship-centered environments and we are so proud of all their hard work as we begin this new school year!

Fairlawn Student Gives Back

During his distance learning challenge class, Mikhail organized a fundraiser to benefit students in Saint Lucie County.  His fundraiser ended up providing 133 laptops to students through the Education Foundation and over 1,000 meals to families through Feeding America.  He is truly an amazing individual.