Fairlawn’s Fourth-Grade Challenge Trip

Fairlawn’s fourth-grade challenge students took a trip to IRSC’s FPL STEM lab on February 8th.  The students learned about power generation and electricity delivery.  The students even created their very own solar-powered boats and then tested their vehicles in water.

Fairlawn Vocabulary Parade

Fairlawn’s celebration of literacy week wrapped up with a school-wide vocabulary parade.  Parents were treated to a parade of creativity as our students marched around the school displaying their new vocabulary words and costumes to match.

Fairlawn’s Art Amazes

Creativity continues as our third grade students paint their slab pottery “fish dishes.”  Mr. Gelardo’s art students amaze us with their talents each and every day.

Fairlawn Hosts Student Led Conferences

During the week of November 27th Fairlawn hosted student-led conferences for grades 1 to 5.  Families were invited by the students to come and see all that they have been learning, including their academic goals and progress.  Our students did an amazing job leading their conferences and welcoming their families.

Fairlawn’s Turkey Hunt

Second-grade students at Fairlawn Elementary School completed an academics-based turkey escape room prior to the Thanksgiving break.  Students completed a series of tasks, from multi-digit addition to word riddles to help the Turkeys escape being Thanksgiving dinner.  Gobble Gobble.

Fairlawn’s Gallery Walk

Students in Mrs. Brookes fifth grade science class at Fairlawn Elementary school participate in a gallery walk to gather information about planets as a culminating event to small group research completed in class. Students gained valuable information about each of the planets in an engaging manner.

Fairlawn Says Cheese

Fairlawn students in Ms. Buck’s third-grade class were introduced to area this week in math. Students used Cheez-Its as square units to measure the area of different shapes! It was a delicious lesson!

Fairlawn’s 2nd Grade Pumpkin Day

All 2nd grade students at Fairlawn Elementary used pumpkins to complete a hands-on math activity.  Students worked in groups to count how many seeds their pumpkin had, calculate the circumference of their pumpkin, the weight of the pumpkin, and estimate how tall their pumpkin was.  The lesson was highly engaging, and the students had a “gord” time.

Fairlawn Goes Pink

Fairlawn Elementary hosted their annual Think Pink fundraiser. Staff and students can wear as many pink items as they can to raise money for local breast cancer patients!

Fairlawn’s 3rd Grade Scoots

Mrs. Power’s third grade class at Fairlawn Elementary reviewed for their district math test by participating in a scoot around the room.  Students had a blast moving around the room solving problems and working as a team.

Fairlawn’s 4th Graders Dig Deep

4th graders at Fairlawn Elementary dug deep into the history of the Ais Indians with a visit from the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast! This included trading beads with other “tribes” to make necklaces, creating clay pottery, and uncovering artifacts.

Fairlawn’s First Grade Studies Matter

Fairlawn’s first grade students have been studying the states of matter and today they enjoyed a SWEET Science experiment! The classrooms were transformed into a 50’s dinner and students made root beer floats and identified how the ingredients included a solid, liquid, and gas all in one treat!

Fairlawn’s Kindergarten Counters

Kindergarteners at Fairlawn Elementary have been working hard learning their numbers and counting to ten! Mrs. Reeve’s students counted together to ten while working on the carpet and showing what they know!

Fairlawn’s Title 1 Curriculum Night

Fairlawn Elementary hosted its annual Title One Curriculum Night for all stakeholders. Attendees learned about federal programs, school curriculum, and state testing. Thank you to all those who attended!

Fairlawn Welcomes Grandparents

On Friday, September 8th, grandparents and families were welcomed to Fairlawn to celebrate Grandparent’s Day! Students were able to eat lunch with their grandparents and thank them for all they do! The Patriots value our school and home families! 

Fairlawn’s Citizens

Fairlawn Elementary 2nd-grade students learned all about the qualities of a good citizen in August.  The students studied the various symbols that represent the United States of America.

Fairlawn’s Back-to-School Luau

Fairlawn Elementary kicked off back to school with an amazing back-to-school luau dance.  The students, parents, and staff had a blast celebrating what is going to be a fantastic school year.  We love our positive school culture!

Fairlawn’s Tunnel of Hope

Fairlawn’s 2023-2024 school year started back with the best tunnel of hope ever.  So many community partners showed up to welcome back our Patriots with encouraging words and warm smiles.  Thank you to all those involved and welcome back Fairlawn families!

Fairlawn Student Council Gives Back

On Saturday, April 23rd, Fairlawn Elementary’s Student Council met to help beautify the campus. The boys and girls collected trash around the school grounds. Following the clean-up, the students made bracelets and keychains for the Fairlawn teachers and staff in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to JBR Exteriors for sponsoring the event.