PSLH Student Athlete Makes ESPN Top 10 Plays

Donald Delahaye, a senior student-athlete on PSLH’s football team made ESPN’s Top 10 plays last night on SportsCenter. This is just another example of the great students that we have had at our school over the last 26 years! A kicker spun a football with his feet and nailed a field goal without having a holder:

Westgate 2nd Grade Travels to Brevard Zoo

Second graders from West Gate K-8 had a great day at the Brevard Zoo. Ms. Schumacher’s students got up close and personal with giraffes. They fed them and had their own personal trainer educate them about these wonderful creatures. The students spent the rest of the day exploring different habitats and the wonderful exhibits. Pictured left to right, Arianna Saitta, Jasmine Rivas, Tori Roe and Macy Ernst.

Forest Grove Gives to the Troops

Students from the Varying Exceptionalities class at Forest Grove Middle School collected supplies for the military in Afghanistan with the help of Linda Doss and Doris Follweiller.

Bayshore Elementary PBIS Family and Teacher Game Night

Bayshore Elementary, PBIS and Kids at Hope presented  Beat the Teacher Night!  Bayshore families and students played various academic games against the teachers.  Second grade student Bianca Morais and her father Mark Morais played chess against second grade teacher Garth Gittin.

SLW Centennial Senior Class Work with Habitat for Humanity

The Senior Class of St. Lucie West Centennial High School participated in an outreach project Saturday, November 1st. The service project was through Habitat for Humanity, which is a nonprofit based on the belief that every child, woman and man should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. The seniors woke up bright and early to get a head start on the project, which was a two bedroom, one bathroom house that needed to be gutted entirely. The students and their Senior Sponsors, Kerry Young and Carol Rondeau, took hammers and other tools to the drywall; they were … Read More

Palm Pointe Jazz Band creates “Jazz -O- Lanterns”

Students in the Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition Jazz Band recently spent their afternoon jazz period carving out musical pumpkins in their second annual Jazz O Lantern carving competition. Patterns ranged from original to store bought patterns. A great time was had by all. Pictured from left is Caleb Molina and Orret Hall.

White City Elementary Family Night

Parent Night for Action 100 was a big success with more than 40 students and approximately 30 parents. Thank you Wildcats for supporting our students and families.  

Northport Community Unites Against Bullying at 4th Annual Unity Day Event

Northport K-8 School community including administration, deans, teachers, staff and parents, provide a multi-pronged approach to discouraging bullying on the campus. School staff is well trained and very well versed in quelling any issues pertaining to all types of bullying. One of the events on the campus to bring the students together to promote a singular message is the annual Unity Day Walk. Modeled after the Pacer program founded by the National Bullying Prevention Center, the Unity Day Walk is an exciting event that is promoted annually at the school by the teachers and parents. Students are encouraged to wear … Read More

Pumpkin People decorated at Palm Pointe

Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition third graders have been studying character traits and how they affect the sequence of events in a story. The children decorated pumpkins to match the character in their story along with creating thinking maps and writing an essay. Pictured is Jackson Register with his book and pumpkin “Duck for President”.

Northport Hosts Riverside Childrens Theater

Northport community was so pleased to host the Riverside Children’s Theater recently for a live production of “The Greatest Invention Never Invented!” Students were in awe of the performance that showcased actors Allison Heinz, Emily Parrish and Wen Powers. The theme of the production was the history and science of electricity. Students learned how electricity was discovered rather than invented and how that discovery led to other inventions that utilize electricity. Students were also introduced to autobiographical information about historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and Michael Faraday.The production elaborated how these scientists developed inventions using … Read More

Homework Help Workshop Held at Palm Pointe

Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition recently held a workshop “Homework Help” for parents. St Lucie County’s Parent Academy came to Palm Pointe to provide parents with the tools to help them deal with common homework problems such as: refusing to do homework, talking, or waiting until the last minute. All parents with students in grades K-8 were invited to come to the event. This workshop was very informative for the parents and was well attended. Pictured is Craig Perry and Nancy Brown from the Parent Academy as they present information at the workshop.

Hispanic Heritage Parade at Westgate

The kindergarten and first grade students at Westgate, completed their studies of Argentina and Mexico with a school wide parade. Each of the grades at Westgate has been involved with cultural studies of  various Hispanic nations to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. Zachary Hunt- Bianco (center) and all his friends from Ms. Bean’s kindergarten class, marched through Westgate wearing their Argentina Flag costumes.    

Second Grade Vocabulary Parade at FK Sweet

Second grade students at Frances K Sweet participated in a vocabulary parade showcasing their knowledge of vocabulary words that were learned in the first nine weeks of school. Mrs. Amy Johnson’s we excited to share their knowledge with the other students in the school. Students Pictured: Jaquez Albury, Omar Andrade-Fernandez, Yaiden Beausejour-Joseph, Christopher Brunson, Javian Gardner, Jayden Leddy, Andy Marin-Ortiz, Wilkens Michaud, Genese Roopnarine, Guinevere Sauveur, Dennis Scott Jr., and Kaylee Uff

SLPS is Recognized as a Florida Healthy School District

St Lucie Public Schools was presented an award by Eric Stern from Action for Healthy Kids at the school board meeting on October 28th. The District earned a Silver level on the Coordinated School Health Assessment that includes the areas of Health Services, Food Services, Physical Education, Staff Wellness, Mental Health, and Community and Family Involvement. Pictured are, Debbie Hawley, Eric Stern, Carlye Fabrikant, and Genelle Yost.

F K Sweet Second Graders Model Skeletons

Students in Mrs. Julia Melville’s second grade class have been studying the human body. As a culminating activity to this unit, students created a model of the human skeleton, identifying the bones and their basic functions in relation to the human body. Pictured are Fayth Coley, Carsen Reis, Kanosha Hartwell, and Jonah Dicuia with their skeletons.

Southern Oaks Tri-M Completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Tri-M does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge By Kaylyn Redway, 8th grade, Southern Oaks Middle The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a HUGE hit worldwide! So far the ALS foundation has received over $94.3 million dollars in donations compared to $2.7 million during the same time period last year. If you don’t know, ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. For more information on ALS, go to “I think the Ice Bucket Challenge is important because we … Read More

White City Elementary VPK and Kindergarten visit the Pumpkin Patch

The Kindergarten and VPK students at White City ES enjoyed their annual trip to the White City United Methodist Church’s pumpkin patch.  The community and school joined together to show the Kindergarten students at WCE a fun fall experience.  Students listened to a story about pumpkins while watching the reader carve a real pumpkin to go along with the story.  The students  toured  the pumpkin patch and compared how the pumpkins were the same and different using their five senses.  Everyone got to bring home their very own pumpkin to remember our fun day!

Celebrating Success at Fort Pierce Westwood High School

Congratulations to all of the AP Spanish Language students who passed with scores of 3, 4 and 5. Ms. Denski’s students had a 100% passing rate! These test takers were among the first to take the newly redesigned AP Spanish Language and Culture course which went into effect in fall 2013. The new curriculum integrates the following five themes: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. The Advanced Placement Program enables students to pursue college-level studies with the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. AP Exams are given each year in May. Ms. Denski, an AP Reader … Read More

Northport Celebrates Disability History and Awareness Weeks!

Northport K-8 School has been providing instruction and a variety of opportunities to expand student knowledge, understanding and awareness of individuals with disabilities, disability history and the disability rights movement recently. Disability and History Awareness Instruction was signed into law in 2008 and Northport K-8 School gladly acknowledges the designation of the first two weeks in October as an opportunity to celebrate Inclusion and Awareness. One in every five Americans is a person with a disability. A great example of the instruction occurring at Northport K-8 School showcasing Disability Awareness has been in the classroom of Dr. Laura Woodworth. Dr. … Read More

Mrs. West and Class Celebrate Character Day at Oak Hammock K-8

What an awesome day to be in first grade! On Friday we got to dress up and show off our favorite characters in the book of our choice! Everyone in Mrs. West’s first grade class participated by reading their favorite book. Students completed a brown bag book report which included describing the characters, settings, and events of a fictional story. (RL.1.3). Students presented their bags by sharing the characters in their book, a summary they wrote of what happened in the beginning, middle, and end, and showed off the five items they placed inside the bag that represented the book.On … Read More