Northport Hosts Riverside Childrens Theater

Northport community was so pleased to host the Riverside Children’s Theater recently for a live production of “The Greatest Invention Never Invented!” Students were in awe of the performance that showcased actors Allison Heinz, Emily Parrish and Wen Powers.

The theme of the production was the history and science of electricity. Students learned how electricity was discovered rather than invented and how that discovery led to other inventions that utilize electricity.

Students were also introduced to autobiographical information about historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and Michael Faraday.The production elaborated how these scientists developed inventions using electricity through a courtroom scenario.

The students listened and laughed enthusiastically throughout the engaging live production.

Students from the Northstar team, Dolphin team and selected fourth and fifth graders reflected on the learning with their instructors following the production by answering probing questions and utilizing exit tickets. Many students also wrote sonnets to process the new information as well as writing thank you notes to cast members acknowledging specific information from the production.

Wonderful and lively educational experience for all involved!

Special thanks to Dr. Laura Woodworth for organizing the event.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist