Northport Community Unites Against Bullying at 4th Annual Unity Day Event

Northport K-8 School community including administration, deans, teachers, staff and parents, provide a multi-pronged approach to discouraging bullying on the campus. School staff is well trained and very well versed in quelling any issues pertaining to all types of bullying.

One of the events on the campus to bring the students together to promote a singular message is the annual Unity Day Walk. Modeled after the Pacer program founded by the National Bullying Prevention Center, the Unity Day Walk is an exciting event that is promoted annually at the school by the teachers and parents. Students are encouraged to wear orange shirts to signify unity and crazy socks to “kick bullies off the campus!” Students and parents make signs, banners and flags for students to wave while they walk a marked route around the school perimeter. Students learn that they are not alone if they are bullied either physically, emotionally or cyberbullied.

One in five students is bullied and if an adult is notified and intervenes that number is reduced by 57%. Bullying incidents at the school have been dramatically reduced and students feel comfortable in reporting instances of bullying to an adult. This year the school celebrated their 4th Annual Unity Day Walk with parents and community members taking the walk as well as many teachers and staff. Accommodations and modifications were made so that all students were able to participate in the Unity Day event and all were able to enjoy the beautiful walk on a glorious fall day.

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Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist