White City Elementary Students Get Creative in Reading!

Students from Mrs. Erica Anderson’s 5th grade class who are a part of Mrs. Jennifer Bozone’s small group each chose a book to read over Spring Break. They were given the creative task to create a visual representation of their favorite scene from the book.    

White City Elementary – Math/Science Night a Huge Success!

The walls were bursting at the seams with the nearly two hundred students and parents who attended White City Elementary School’s Math/Science Night and Scholastic Book Fair last Tuesday, December 8th.  Fun was had by all as they ate dinner, played math games, shopped for books, and finished the evening with a sweet treat of a science activity with Mr. Lewis, our Teacher of the Year.  All families took home a deck of cards as a door prize to practice the math games they learned.  

White City Elementary Reading Pals

The newest additions to the WCE library, Reading Pals, thanks to a generous donation from a PSL resident, Samantha Folk. On behalf of all Wildcats, our second graders thank you, Noe Rodriguez, Brianna Perrigin, Kammaria Grant, Mary Hills, and Adrian Lopez-Ardiano.

White City Elementary 3rd Grade Class Celebrates

Miss Dewey’s classroom won a grant for Reflex Math Fact Fluency program.  The students have been using the program now for a week and are so eager for math time.  Reflex is game-based and highly motivational so students enjoy the learning process.  Reflex helps students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

White City Wildcats are Roaring Readers!

White City Wildcats are roaring readers! They took on the Action 100 program with amazing ambition and the results show their success. Students read at least one hour every school day and 30 minutes on non school days. The program was completed with the fidelity of steps being recorded daily and ongoing conferencing throughout the year. Congratulations to all!  

White City Students Explore Science

Students in Mr. Lewis’s class were building  circuits.  They were given batteries, copper wire and a light bulb and had to figure out how to use the materials to make a connection. Also, students were experimenting using M&M’s with the question “would all of the colors merge or separate”?    

White City Elementary VPK Celebrates Dr. Seuss Day

VPK celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by reading The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham  and One Fish two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish .  We had Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast thanks to our Cafeteria Staff.  Each student turned themselves into a “THING” by making a hat and picking out their THING Number.  In math we practiced counting by rolling a dice and placing the correct number of “Goldfish Crackers” into the fishbowl.  Students practiced pattering by placing the sliced strawberries and bananas in a row to make a Dr. Seuss hat pattern on a stick before enjoying a yummy … Read More

White City Elementary Participating in Healthy Schools Program

White City Elementary School in St. Lucie County,  has a great after school workout for students, says Katrina Gonzalez, Wellness Champion.  Students meet after school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30.  They have over 53 students signed up so far.  The hour starts out with a warm up that might include pushups, toe touches, jumping jacks, stretching and running laps.  After a short water break, students then get to choose a sport, for example, soccer or basketball.  At the end of the hour, students enjoy another break which includes water and healthy snacks.  Students can either bring their own snack, … Read More

White City Elementary is Implementing Grace Packs

White City Elementary is a school which has 100% of its students receiving both free breakfast and free lunch based on the poverty level of our families. But often, when they go home, there is little or no food to eat. These families have been impacted by loss of jobs, illness or choosing to pay a utility bill over a food bill because of necessity. We are trying to help our students by instituting Grace Packs, a program whose goal is to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner food items at the end of each school week to students whose families … Read More

White City Elementary Kindergarten Learns About Native American Indians

The Kindergarten students at White City Elementary School read books and learned about Native American Indians while studying a unit on People and Events of Now and Long Ago.  The students were able to make their own vest and head dress decorating them with Native American symbols to wear to our Thanksgiving meal in the cafeteria.   

White City Elementary Family Night

Parent Night for Action 100 was a big success with more than 40 students and approximately 30 parents. Thank you Wildcats for supporting our students and families.  

White City Elementary VPK and Kindergarten visit the Pumpkin Patch

The Kindergarten and VPK students at White City ES enjoyed their annual trip to the White City United Methodist Church’s pumpkin patch.  The community and school joined together to show the Kindergarten students at WCE a fun fall experience.  Students listened to a story about pumpkins while watching the reader carve a real pumpkin to go along with the story.  The students  toured  the pumpkin patch and compared how the pumpkins were the same and different using their five senses.  Everyone got to bring home their very own pumpkin to remember our fun day!

White City First Graders Learns about Fire Safety

“First Grade students at White City Elementary learned all about Fire Safety from the Fire Safety Trailer. ​Among other things, students were trained on what to do in an emergency, how to prevent fires, how to establish a safe meeting place after an emergency and practiced the proper way to exit a burning structure.  The Fire Safety Trailer comes from the Public Education Division of the St Lucie County Fire District.  

Sams Club Celebrates White City Elementary

Sam’s Community Outreach program recently came to honor White City Elementary. Staff was recognized for their compassion and caring not only about their students but also for their families. Everyone enjoyed gift cards, prizes, and dessert all provided by Sam’s.

White City Elementary – Million Father March

White City Elementary had a great turnout for our Million Father March – “Donuts for Dads” this morning. We had close to 70 parents bring their children to school and have donuts with them. We gathered 41 pledges with others pending that were taken home and promised to send back. Attached are some pictures that show our parents and students in the cafeteria with their children.

Summer Reading Adventures at White City Elementary – June 11 – July 30

June 11th was the grand opening of the White City Elementary Media Center Summer Program.  White City students are encouraged to stop by to check out books and participate in the weekly themed activities.  Deisy Baza and Marissa Thurman learned about fireflies.  After listening to the story of Moongirl by Henry Selick, they enjoyed creating a sequel to the book.  Themes for the summer include, fireflies, butterflies, dragonflies, bats and more.  Several WCE teacher are volunteering their time as guest readers, and lending a helping hand with the activities.