Morningside Elementary students learn about gardening

Morningside Elementary School students in Rose Pazos’ fifth grade class have been maintaining a garden they planted with coaching from science teacher Mar Lou Jennings. The garden includes a sensory area, a flower area, and a vegetable area. The vegetables include broccoli, mustards, tomatoes, turnips, eggplant, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, and purple and green cabbage.  

St. Lucie Public Schools employees of the year announced

Exceptional education teacher Mary Joann Trubisky from Windmill Point Elementary School was announced as the 2013 Teacher of the Year, and Weatherbee Elementary School behavior technician Francesca Petrocelli was named 2012 School Related Employee of the Year for St. Lucie County Public Schools at the annual Night of the Stars celebration held February 25, 2012, at Lincoln Park Academy, co-sponsored by the school district and the St. Lucie County Education Foundation. Both winners will continue on to regional competition. Also honored were Outstanding First Year Teacher Kelli Siters of Port St. Lucie High School and Distinguished Minority Educator Harry Belafonte Williams … Read More

Allapattah Flats students hold student led conferences

Allapattah Flats middle grades students recently held first-ever student-led conferences in their reading classes.  These conferences provided an opportunity for the students to reflect upon their successes during the year and show their data binders, which included their tests scores and academic work with their parents.  This was a positive opportunity for the students to emphasize their strengths, acknowledge their challenges, and with their parents’ support, plan their approach for the next semester. Students did a great job communicating with their families about their education and goals. Pictured is seventh grade Student Antonio Riberal discussing his reading progress throughout the year with … Read More

Allapattah Flats students search for life in the water

Third graders at Allapattah Flats have been studying plant and animal life cycles in science class.  On a recent field trip, students had the opportunity to visit the Savannas Preserve Park.  Students went netting in the water to search for and observe various living organisms.  Students were also introduced to some unique plant life and taught about what the early settlers of this area used these plants for in their everyday lives. Pictured is Connor Cook from Randi Pierson’s class eagerly investigating his net in the hope of finding some living organisms.

Allapattah Flats third graders envision local future

Pictured from left, third grade students Mariana Trujillo-Naranjo, Lauren Bishop, Connor Cook and Gabriel Vernon work hard on preparing their representation of St. Lucie County 100 years from now. All Allapattah Flats third graders enjoyed imagining the community 100 years from today, they read books and watched a video of other predictions before coming up with their own ideas of future communication, transportation, shelter and even food. Their projects are displayed at the St. Lucie County Fair.          

Northport K8 celebrates Mardi Gras

Northport K-8 Northstar team prepared a special celebration for the school’s younger students recently.  Students made Mardi Gras masks and mini floats using materials brought in from home and marched in a Mardi gras parade.  The band students on the team led the festivities with their own rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In!”  Students threw beads and candies to the young onlookers.  The activities planned by the team instructors throughout the day led to an effective lesson about Mardi Gras and promoted positive interactions among students and teachers.  Pictured is student Sabrina Wing.

Checkmate can be heard weekday mornings at F. K. Sweet Elementary

F.K. Sweet Elementary is very fortunate to have former teacher Tom Filipkowski return to volunteer his time in continuing the ever popular Chess Club on Thursday mornings. The Chess Club has always been a favorite with intermediate students. Not only are the skills of the game and high level thinking covered, but the love of the game and sportsmanship is also stressed.

Southport Middle School student heads to state for essay contest

Southport Middle School student Hannah Spurr heads to state competition in the local DAR American History Essay Contest and the Good Citizen Award contest sponsored by the Cora Stickney Harper branch of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  A celebratory tea was held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Ft. Pierce. Pictured are Spurr and other local winners from Southport Middle School with St. Lucie Public Schools’ K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor Tim Norfleet and Karen Evans, representatives from the Cora Stickney Harper branch. From left are Tim Norfleet, Karen Evans, Hannah Spurr, Sydney Starnes, Lisa … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students use manipulatives as math aids

At Mariposa Elementary, pictured from left are Jerry Schupp, Kylie Christiansen, Remy Jones and Nicholas West using cereal to solve greater than or less than math problems in Melissa Whalen’s class.  The students worked in pairs to apply their knowledge of greater or less than, using cereal as a hands-on manipulative.

Port St. Lucie High students sweep regional career skills competition

Port St. Lucie High School recently hosted the Region III Skills USA carpentry competition, in which three students from Port St. Lucie High School took top honors. Cody Gosa won first place, Diamond Salazar finished second, and Christian Nowacki completed the sweep for the Jaguars with a third place finish.  Cody, who is a senior, will represent the region at the state competition next month.  Skills USA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. Pictured is automotive technology teacher … Read More

St. Lucie technical skills students move on to regional and state contests

Having already qualified through regional events held earlier this month, a goup of 21 Allied Health students from Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West Centennial, Fort Pierce Central and Fort Pierce Westwood high schools and their instructors head to the Florida Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) State Championships to be held March 30-April 1, 2012. Meanwhile 46 additional students from Fort Pierce Central, St. Lucie West Centennial, and Treasure Coast high schools will travel to several technical centers in Polk and Orange Counties soon to participate in many other Region III SkillsUSA technical and leadership competitions.  Criminal Justice students from Treasure Coast and Fort Pierce Central high schools will also compete locally in SkillsUSA Crime Scene Investigation and … Read More

Mariposa Elementary parents learn how to help their child with math

Mariposa Elementary School recently hosted a Family Math Night, where parents learned ways to help their children with homework, math games and activities the family could do at home together.  This sort of family participation has been shown to increase a child’s confidence in his or her ability to do math, as well as teach students and parents to value mathematics. Parents learned how to identify opportunities for reinforcing mathematics skills at home by talking about how they use math at work or at home, by involving their children in tasks that require computing, measuring, estimating, building, problem solving and reasoning, and by looking for activities … Read More

The news goes on at F.K. Sweet

The fifth grade members of the F.K. Sweet Elementary camera crew meet each morning in the media center to produce and facilitate the morning announcements and news. Crew members are recommended by their teachers based on citizenship and academics. If a scheduled presenter is absent, they are also always ready and able to take their spot to ensure that the daily news goes on without a hitch.

Another successful Sunrise Stampede in Fort Pierce

F.K. Sweet Elementary teachers Michelle O’Keefe, Morgan Haupt, and Kristin Griffin are all smiles as they prepare to hand out ribbons to the winners of the annual Sunrise Stampede 5K Run/Walk, held recently in Ft. Pierce. The Sunrise Stampede is a cancer awareness and fund raising event that involves community members, and is sponsored by the school and other contributors.

F. K. Sweet Elementary honors recognized employees

The faculty and staff of F.K. Sweet Elementary recently recognized their honored employees, including School Related Employee of the Year David Morales, Teacher of the Year Michelle O’Keefe, and Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year Belinda Buckley at a before school ceremony recently. All of the “stars” also received gifts and plaques.

F. K. Sweet students enjoy learning about St. Augustine

F.K. Sweet fourth grade students enjoyed a gorgeous Saturday in St. Augustine to relive and experience history.  The day included Castillo de San Marcos,  Spanish Hospital, free time on St. George Street, an hour trolley ride through the historic district, and the Old Florida Museum.  The students were also treated to a reenactment of a canon fired by the “Spanish”.

County extension helps Northport K8 fifth grade students plant and harvest a vegetable garden

Northport K-8 fifth graders in Judy Fowler’s class have partnered with the St. Lucie County 4H Extension to plant and harvest a thriving and well loved winter garden.  The entire class planted, checked temperatures , humidity and rain gauges as well as kept daily log books on plant growth and development. Students harvested red tomatoes, bell peppers, red cabbage, collards, kohlrabi, mustard and strawberries.  Students also presented projects including shadow boxes, board presentations and written reports.  The class garden project will be on display at the St. Lucie County Fair.  The garden is a prime example of engaging students in … Read More

Northport K8 learning community appreciates great teaching

Northport K-8 media specialist and group facilitator Lynne Gruszka, along with assistant principal Benigna Montenegro, Coordinator of Learning Communities, are pleased with the progress of the Reading Learning Community that is occurring in the school’s Media Center.  Teachers are utilizing the book, “Teach With Your Strengths, How Great Teachers Inspire Their Students” written by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller as a scaffold to professional conversation and camaraderie.  Teachers in the group are learning to recognize the similarities of all great teachers and how to capitalize on their specific teaching talents as well as  how to better develop individual strengths.  Teachers … Read More

Lawnwood Elementary spelling bee participants celebrate

Lawnwood Elementary School recently held a Spelling Bee celebration breakfast for all of Lawnwood’s spelling bee participants.  Students enjoyed pancakes flipped by Principal D’Jion Jackson, plus bacon, fresh fruit, and orange juice served by literary coach Kirstie Lickliter and assistant principal Kim Cain. Students pictured, from left, are Kaitlyn Gonzalez, Daisy Vicencio, Nadia Dimitroff, Lesly Gamez, and Liza Hicks.