Mariposa Elementary parents learn how to help their child with math

Mariposa Elementary School recently hosted a Family Math Night, where parents learned ways to help their children with homework, math games and activities the family could do at home together.  This sort of family participation has been shown to increase a child’s confidence in his or her ability to do math, as well as teach students and parents to value mathematics. Parents learned how to identify opportunities for reinforcing mathematics skills at home by talking about how they use math at work or at home, by involving their children in tasks that require computing, measuring, estimating, building, problem solving and reasoning, and by looking for activities that require their children to use mathematical skills, such as building scale models, cooking, planning trips, and playing logic games. Parents met and interacted with administrators, teachers across the grade levels and the math coach to obtain valuable information about the mathematics curriculum and enjoy a pasta dinner and door prizes. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Zsiga from Indian River State College, the PTO, Jonathan Almedia for posing with his math cards, and the Mariposa Elementary teachers who created many fun and engaging activities designed to promote student achievement.