Northport K8 learning community appreciates great teaching

Northport K-8 media specialist and group facilitator Lynne Gruszka, along with assistant principal Benigna Montenegro, Coordinator of Learning Communities, are pleased with the progress of the Reading Learning Community that is occurring in the school’s Media Center.  Teachers are utilizing the book, “Teach With Your Strengths, How Great Teachers Inspire Their Students” written by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller as a scaffold to professional conversation and camaraderie.  Teachers in the group are learning to recognize the similarities of all great teachers and how to capitalize on their specific teaching talents as well as  how to better develop individual strengths.  Teachers who
teach with their strengths are turning out well educated students regardless of socio economic status.  Teachers are studying about Donald Clifton, PhD., who is the creator of Strengths Based Psychology and the creator of the Clifton
Strengths Finder test.  Pictured, back row from left, Leigh Woltjen, Lorri Lamm, Glenda Taylor, Penny Arbuckle, Marquita Battles, Laura Woodworth, Mala Woessner, and Melody Nieves.  Pictured front row, from left, are Caroly Mann Lurry, Denise Fields, Barbara Greenwood, Pam Mishler and Nancy Yost.  Also part of the community not pictured is Kathy White.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist