Reading mentorships an investment at Northport K8

Reading mentorships are flourishing at Northport K-8 School. Students are excited to meet in small, informal groups with interested, concerned and effective instructors using a multi-pronged approach. Students have been meeting with mentors to read in the media center, on the patio, in the cafeteria and in the hallways to discuss books that interest the student groups. Reading mentors include media specialist Lynne Gruszka, reading coach Deb Mock, math coach Josie Bailey, and the newest reading mentor, Northport dean Agnes Brooks. Students are learning about the mentor programs through the morning announcements, through classroom teachers and by word of mouth. Students have expressed how exciting and vital the mentor groups have become and how reading needs are being met in an encouraging and dynamic new approach. Mentorships offer students who would perhaps not speak out in class an opportunity to meet with an instructor to receive support and exchange thought provoking ideas in a smaller, more personalized setting. Pictured is Dean Brooks with her group who have selected the book “Princess Academy” by Shannon Hale.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist