West Gate K8 Makes Progress on Campus-Wide Gardening Project

The gardening project made some progress over the summer! We had our first crop of tomatoes and beans, yardlong beans, and students in summer school were able to taste them.

The school district maintenance department installed a spigot for us to access water closer to the garden area. Thank you for enduring the high heat to make this happen. Safety first!

We also received a generous donation from our PTO and the supplies we ordered have already arrived.

The next steps include the art students continuing to add color to the area and the leadership classes and student council will be creating an outdoor classroom and designing the pallet garden for the fall planting next month. We will also be doing a tidy-up on the nature trail because the summer rains have really helped the plants grow into the trail.

Author: Leslie Taylor

Staff - (Changed 6/20/2022 12:25:03 PM)