Palm Pointe students wrap up algebraic functions unit

The pre-algebra students in Michelle May’s classes at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition recently wrapped up their unit on linear functions, utilizing slope intercept form of an equation, finding constant rate of change and discovering how that relates to slope intercept form of an equation. They took to the outdoors for their unit review. The students were partnered and worked together to do each problem on the unit review on the sidewalks in the school with chalk to demonstrate their understanding… They loved the change of environment and really worked hard together!  Pictured are Ashley Petrow, left, and Gina Carvelli as … Read More

Mariposa Elementary second grade students present theater for parents

Second grade students at Mariposa Elementary School have been working since September with students from the Port St. Lucie High School drama department, playing drama games and learning about performing in front of an audience. Each class recently presented a Reader’s Theater for parents and families. Pictured are students from Leslie Reddinger’s class, from left, Kiki Hayward, Arrielle Jocelyn, and Kiarrah Jean-Baptiste, performing “The Tale of the Lazy People: A South-African Fable.”

Floresta Elementary top earner for Bowl for Kids’ Sake

Floresta Elementary School took top honors this year as the school that collected the most donations for the 2013 Bowl for Kids Sake event held in September. Floresta Elementary raised $1,775.00 this year, made possible through the concerted efforts of individuals who are passionate about a cause. Bowl for Kids’ Sake is the nation’s largest bowling event that raises critical funds to support the mentoring relationships of Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS). Floresta Elementary School has stood strong in its commitment to be a part of the important work BBBS continues to do for children in the area. Over the last ten years, … Read More

Lunabiotics brings creativity to Southern Oaks

Representatives from Florida Institute of Technology’s Lunabotics team recently visited Southern Oaks Middle School to meet with the students whose team took fifth place last spring among 50 international teams competing in the fourth annual NASA Lunabotics Mining competition. The team came to Southern Oaks and put on three presentations: the first session involved dissecting an edible asteroid, where students looked at all the layers and were then able to eat it; next session, students were given characteristics of  a creature and based on those characteristics they then had to draw what it looked like; and last, students were shown the robot that was used … Read More

St. Lucie public schools open Nov. 25-26

St. Lucie County Public Schools will be open on Monday and Tuesday November 25-26, 2013, for students and staff. District offices will be open Wednesday, November 27, and all school operations will be closed November 28-29 for the Thanksgiving holiday. For more calendar information, please check the district calendar posted on the district web site.

Southern Oaks Middle students learn marketing and science work together

Pictured from left, Southern Oaks Middle School students Anthony Cannon, Mackenzie Troha, Gianna Gutierrez, Isabellah Hariharan and Eric Bejarano in Maureen Davis’s science classes are using their math, language and science skills in a lab project making toothpaste. The students create, color, flavor, and name their product, and create a jingle or slogan and prepare a short commercial to sell their product. Each member of the group was responsible for one of the tasks to be completed and they must collaboratively agree on each step. Several district representatives were on hand to observe and learn.

Vietnam veterans visit Lakewood Park Elementary

A group of local Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 566 visited Lakewood Park Elementary School recently to speak with students. The veterans also decorated a display case filled with helmets, books, dog tags, hats of the different branches of the military, old photos and model helicopters of the UH-1Huey and the AH-64D Apache Longbow. The group, spearheaded by Joe Lusardi, discussed the importance of freedom and about parts they played in the Vietnam War. Thevets also donated a new American flag to the school. Principal Dianne Young presented the group with a plaque from Lakewood Park Elementary School as a thank you … Read More

Southern Oaks Middle hosts Parent Night

Southern Oaks Middle School recently hosted a Parent Night for sixth grade families. Parents were given a passport and traveled to six different information sessions, with topics including classroom routines, expectations, note-taking, staying organized and a preview of the tablets that sixth grade students will be receiving. Parents enjoyed the night and found the information sessions to be very helpful. Pictured speaking with parents is language arts teacher Steve Barrish.

Northport veteran partner devotes time and treasure

Northport K-8 School Veteran Partner in Education Bill Arnold returns frequently to campus to bring information, news and gifts of American flags, pins and other articles to bring smiles to students of all ages. Mr. Arnold recently returned shortly after a classroom visit to third grade teachers Megan Castiglia and Susan Poveromo’s classes for a Veteran’s Day Commemoration. His gifts were framed photographs of each student sporting his own military jacket and beret from the Vietnam War era. Students were so thrilled to receive the photographs that they could take home as mementoes of his many visits to the classes. … Read More

Northport writing instructor supports young authors

Learning to write authentically and with focus is a key part of the performance mission at Northport K-8 School. Students have many opportunities to plan, organize, learn how to write supporting details, elaborate on ideas, use good conventions and learn how to turn off the fog lamps in their brains and write with laser-like focus, using dramatically intense and dynamic writing tools. Among the writing opportunities at Northport are the school-wide Young Author’s program, a generous amount of authentic essay writing assignments with focused feedback, journal writing, newsletter writing collaborations, learning to write research papers, using writing response techniques and … Read More

Mariposa Elementary students honor local veterans and first responders

Students at Mariposa Elementary recently invited local veterans, firefighters and police officers to a Hero’s Breakfast in their honor. After the breakfast, students honored the local heroes through songs from the Mariposa chorus directed by Mary McCartney, a “Thank You” presentation from Michelle Smith’s first grade class, poem readings from second grade students and thank you cards from the entire school. The heroes were thrilled to receive the hugs and thank you cards from the students! Afterwards, the local police and fire department invited students outside to view the emergency vehicles and learn about safety. Pictured are Jonah McCrory, from … Read More

County commissioner talks to Gaines Academy students about importance of education

St. Lucie County Commissioner Kim Johnson helped kick off the Samuel S. Gaines Academy K8 School annual 100 Book Challenge recently. Johnson spoke to the middle school students about the importance of reading and its connection to one’s future success in life. Johnson is pictured, center, with Assistant Principal Mallissa Hamilton, left, and Principal Tracy Wilke.

Northport culinary students enjoys interactive trip to grocery store

Northport K-8 School instructor Rachel Ellsworth, along with a group of excited students and parents, took an educational jaunt to a local grocery store to price shop and to learn about the skills need to work in different areas of the store. Students learned about the butcher shop, the floral department and the bakery, as well as sanitation practices, cross-contamination and food safety. Students learned about careers and the application process and were thrilled to be able to participate in some of the skilled tasks at the store. Pictured is a member of the bakery staff with eighth grade culinary … Read More

Northport researchers delve into history fair

Each year, Northport K-8 School participates in the St. Lucie County School District History Fair, which this year will be March 1 at Palm Pointe Educational Research School at Tradition. The history fair is a wonderful opportunity for students in grades six and eight to not only hone research skills and techniques, but is also an excellent opportunity for students to cultivate and frame their own interests. Researching topics in history can unlock interests and encourage students to become deeper, more authentic learners. The topic this year is broad and the scope allows students to explore and appreciate many different … Read More

Northport fourth graders hone journalistic skills

Northport K-8 School fourth graders in Carissa Berkley’s RTI or Response To Intervention class are using their higher level thinking skills to compile articles researched online, compose questions and use talking and listening skills to interview campus administrators, teachers and staff, write book reviews, research and write directions on “how-to” projects such as “How To Build a Bird House,” write articles about clubs and activities that are occurring at Northport and to incorporate research into articles on bullying and cyberbullying, as well as making cartoons and puzzles for fourth graders to enjoy as an addition to the newsletter. The newsletter … Read More

Fairlawn Elementary students create character models

After reading a fictional text of their choice, students at Fairlawn Elementary created a 3-D character model and an accompanying interview in class. Students composed questions for the main character, and then answered the questions from the character’s perspective. Next, they created a 3-D model of the main character out of either a pumpkin or a two-liter bottle of soda. The models and interviews were put on display for all to enjoy at the school-wide Harvest Festival. Pictured are Maddie Moynagh, left, and Ashlee Irizarry creating their pumpkin model.

Allapattah Flats celebrates Hispanic heritage

Allapattah Flats K8 recently held its annual Hispanic Heritage Night. Guests who attended were treated to an authentic Hispanic dish, student performances from band and chorus, a student dance performance that crossed grade levels, and a student PowerPoint presentation on a notable Hispanic figure. Guests were also taught how to create a PowerPoint in 12 simple steps from technology instructor John Koch.  The event was very student-oriented, as behind the scenes students were video recording the performances and running the lights and sound. Pictured are students and families enjoy the musical performance.

Matter matters to Allapattah Flats third graders

Third grade students at Allapattah Flats K8 School continue to demonstrate their scientific minds. Recently, students had an opportunity to travel to other classrooms and participate in five different experiments related to matter. Students did experiments with oobleck to demonstrate the states of matter. Another experiment demonstrated the chemical change when a penny is dipped in a vinegar and salt solution. Students made connections relating the Statue of Liberty’s copper material to the copper in a penny. Pictured, from right, are Raul Andrews, Mea Quinones, and Miguel Sanchez.