Westwood Jr ROTC Visits Lakewood Park 3rd Graders

Major Godfrey, Ms.Benton  and Ms. Witkamp joined ‘forces’ to bring Lakewood Park Elementary third graders and the Westwood JrROTC cadets together. Third graders planned for the visit by investigating what makes a good interview and preparing interview questions along with selecting books to ‘buddy read’ with the cadet he/she was paired with during their time together. After the ‘buddy read’ round robin, which gave students and cadets multiple opportunities to interview and ‘buddy read’, everyone came back for a debrief and Q&A. Third graders heard how important it is to be able to read and comprehend and cadets volunteered their time and shared their experiences with the younger students. We hope this relationship will continue to blossom and we will be able to continue to develop a program that encourages students to become invested in their decisions now that will impact their future. Special thank you to Mrs. Melrose, Dr. Megan Green and St. Lucie Schools Transportation.


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