Andrea Jacobs, Patricia Chesser, and Eric Henik were all recognized as STARs in their own right at this month’s School Board Meeting.

Andrea Jacobs is a dedicated and compassionate school bus driver.  She was publicly recognized for the way in which her students see her — as one who is always appreciative and has a warm smile — as someone who can make each day better.

Patricia Chesser, a 29-year SLPS veteran and Human Resources Administrative Assistant, was recognized for passing a rigorous exam qualifying her for the prestigious Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), Senior Certified Professional (SCP) Certification,

Eric Henik, an Area Manager in Custodial Services, was celebrated for taking on the responsibility of becoming a Certified Trainer as per the Florida School Plant Managers Association. Having this distinction, Mr. Henik has trained and continues to train all plant managers in SLPS thus heightening their level of service to others and elevating their personal capacity for success.