Bill Tomlinson and LaTanya Green came forward at the April School Board Meeting to recognize the humanitarian efforts of the many individuals from the SLPS’s Student Services and Guidance Department teams.

Mr. Tomlinson explained that after the incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County on February 14, 2018, staff members graciously volunteered their time and effort to assist the students and staff of the high school as they began to return to the school.

SLPS’s staff developed a schedule that would afford them an opportunity to provide assistance at the school and still complete the requirements of their job in this district.   They went above and beyond the call of duty in their role to extend a helping hand to their colleagues and to the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

To each member of this humanitarian support team, we extend our thanks for reaching out as ambassadors for St. Lucie Public Schools.

School Psychologists

David Kinkade

Shelley Welby

Anna Michelle Gillard

Kirsten Poncinie

Kathryn Mantor

Jennie Pahl

Social Workers

Bridget Locke

Martin Tejada

Melissa Desposito

Heather Cannon

Shemair Dorelus

Program Specialists for Guidance

April Mincey

Stephanie Walters-Cleveland