Northport teachers are participating in an intensive book study led by Assistant Principal Meghan Drost using Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind. Teachers are learning and putting into action steps for making the teaching and learning experiences more real and authentic for our Title 1 school and for our students.

“When teaching in a Title 1 school, every single weakness that a teacher has is exposed. If we don’t learn to adapt, build relationships, and bring our A-game every single day, our classes will suffer.” The book integrates all the positive attributes of Northport and all the goals that we want to accomplish with our students. We want to raise that bar, teach childen and teachers correct responses and learn to enhance our culture that “We Are Family!”

Excellent book that promotes our school motto’s of “Every student in school would rather be engaged by an energetic, caring teacher than be bored by someone going through the motions. Kids deserve a great day everyday. They need role models. They need caring adults. They need savvy risk takers who aren’t afraid to fail!” That’s US! That’s NORTHPORT!