Northport students use critical thinking skills for holiday activities

Students on the Mariner team in Bob Burdge’s eighth grade Critical Thinking classes at Norhtport K-8 School are using all the skills necessary to learn to wrap holiday packages. The excitement was palpable as students estimated the amount of paper to wrap recycled boxes. Students measured, cut, and cornered using skills learned in geometry about angles and lines as they beautifully wrapped packages conserving and using the least amount of paper possible. The cooperative lesson was an authentic learning of a life skill that few of the students had mastered. Students in Susan Matteson’s Critical Thinking classes supported the collaborative lesson and earned community service points by using these same skills to make decorations for the school’s annual “Breakfast With Santa!” Students and teachers have been busy channeling the flow of positive student energy into fun and very essential lessons. In the critical thinking classes, students are making informed judgments, learning about conservation and applying math skills to a meaningful and optimal lesson. Pictured, from left are Paulina Palma, Michaela Washington, Alexis Jaworski, Mr. Burdge and Anyes Cintron.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist