Joe the Biker inspires Northport K8 students

Northport K-8 School hosted bullying expert Joe Wojcik, better known as “Joe the Biker,” recently in the school gymnasium. Joe held two sessions divided into grades sixth through eighth and grades third through fifth. Students filled the school bleachers and sat eagerly on the floor in both sessions to listen to “Joe the Biker” talk about how he was bullied as a child, how it affected his life, how to know if it really is bullying and how to empower oneself, find one’s own special talents and feel awesome about oneself. He personalized and tailored the talk directly to the Northport community of children, and the students felt very special. Middle grades students were familiar with “Joe the Biker” after reading his book “Call Me Yubbie” last year at the school. Hundreds of the students wrote personal letters to Joe to express feelings, give thanks and told him how inspiring he was as a speaker. The Northport K-8 School community takes bullying extremely seriously and has held several student assemblies, the third annual Unity Day Walk empowering students against bullying and teacher workshops to address student issues and concerns. Joe Wojcik is supported by the community efforts of the Port St. Lucie Sunset Rotary Club. Northport definitely stands as a caring, concerned community and is applying constant pressure in all avenues to eradicate bullying of all kinds. Joe is pictured speaking to the students and staff.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist