This year has been a year of achievement and success at Northport. The accomplishments of our students have been stunning. On the final day of school, Edie Majewski, City of Port Saint Lucie Sidewalks Projects Manager, visited the school along with the news crew from channel 20. Channel 20 is the government channel for the city of Port Saint Lucie.

Mrs. Majewski brought great news to our students who worked on their seventh grade civics project this year with such gusto. Students researched, delved into the subject, spoke with SLPS Project Manager Marty Sanders, and checked incident reports on Curtis Street. Curtis Street runs parallel to Northport.

Students felt that Curtis needed sidewalks desperately for the safety of the students. Their hard work paid off! The city took a hard second look, applied for a TAP grant and was approved for Curtis Street sidewalks. Students were elated that they could bear witness and be a part of city government in action.

The impact of intensive student work can indeed change policy. The sidewalks on Curtis Street will be moved up and built between October 2021 and September 2022. Northport students will be able to safely hurry to school and stroll home on Curtis Street in the very near future. Elation does not cover the feelings of the Northport community!

Great job students, teachers, Thomas MacDonald and Elizabeth Montilla and parents. THRILLED!