Northport K-8 students are participating in the Young Authors program and are setting examples of effective writing for display in the school Media Center.  Students from kindergarten through eighth grade have been preparing, thinking, writing, revising, editing, illustrating and demonstrating a commitment to great writing through a year long process of effective learning and teaching.  The crown jewel in Northport’s commitment to effective writing and communicating ideas and information effectively is the Young Authors program.  Each year, students display their books in a Media Center showcase with a theme as a backdrop.  This year the theme is “Wild, Wild West Writes  Again.”  Entering the Media Center is a step back into American history where the Old West was King!  Pictured is third grade instructor Glenda Taylor with her students in front of the third grade “Trail of Tales!”  Red checkered table cloths, real cow and bull skulls, deer antlers, a saddle and bridle, a sarsasparillla 5 cents stand, kerchiefs, horseshoes and old pots and pans are some of the memorabilia that students are checking out!  Young Authors Season is one of the highlights of Northport’s investment in student achievement!