Northport K8 and Manatee Academy students share book reviews via teleconference

In an experience that the students will not soon forget, Northport K-8 School and Manatee Academy seventh and eighth grade students participated in the Young Adult Choices program, or YAC as it known by students, media specialists Lynne Gruszka and Debbie Remington and middle school grades teachers, using advanced technology. Students from both schools introduced themselves via the teleconference technology, gave both positive and negative book reviews on the special selections in the program, and hailed each other for taking the lead to read! The media specialists promoted positive interactions by guiding students through the teleconference and provided students with a voice and opportunity to give their individual opinions on books written especially for their age group.  Other participating school media centers involved in the initiative for young adult readers besides Northport K-8 and Manatee are at Treasure Coast High School and Dan McCarty School. The lesson was extremely effective because the technology medium was intriguing to all students including special needs learners. Several of the students had read nearly 50 books! Students completed a follow up survey to document aspects of Instruction/Intervention, Delivery and Facilitation. Pictured are students in the Northport K8 media center.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist