Lawnwood Elementary kindergartners research gravity for class project

Students in Maria Ramkissoon’s kindergarten class at Lawnwood Elementary School¬†proudly share¬†their classroom Science Fair project on gravity, in which they worked together researching. The students incorporated fun with learning by conducting an experiment on gravity that involved dropping blocks tied to parachutes. Pictured standing, from left, are Alexander Granados, Alexandria Knight, Rodney Stevens, Emmanuella Raymond, Rupert Blackwood, Angel Acevedo, Stefany Martinez-Betancourt, Remeece Barjon, Lataurus Conley, Sierra Carswell, Armani Smith, Brandon Ramon, and Billy Ramirez-Riano. Seated, from left, are Eliana Castelan, Angelina Grimes, J’Sean Wilson, and Karen Hidalgo-Aguilar.