Northport Empowers Students to “See Something, Say Something!”

Northport Step Up America Citizen Alert!

Students in Mrs. Matteson’s seventh period class were asked what it means to be an alert citizen. Students responded that being aware of what is going in around them is vital. Mrs. Stone, Northport Dean pulled up the American Security Council website and had students read about suspicious activity and how to observe it in their neighborhoods and school. Students read about characteristics of suspicious activity that includes: items that have been abandoned, strangers eliciting information, loitering, internet or social media messages and posts and more. Students discussed what might happen if these events go unnoticed.

Students then viewed three short video clips from the American Security Council website called “Take the Challenge.”  Students engaged in this activity by responding, “If you see something, Say something!” Northport Deans are working hard with our students on these concepts with administration and staff support. Northport is training our students to be proactive on “See Something, Say Something” and how and what to report to local or school authorities suspicious activity.

Pictured is Northport 8th grader Lily Swantic who decorated cupcakes for the class event.

Our Northport Deans are definitely taking their jobs and student training on these very important issues to new levels. Great job and thank you for helping to bring Northport safety issues directly to the students. Student empowerment is vital.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist