Mariposa Elementary’s First Graders Write to Penpals in Texas

At Mariposa Elementary, Ms. K. Swanson’s 1st grade homeroom is on a pen pal escapade writing and illustrating creative masterpieces with Mrs. Whitfield’s 1st grade class located in Lytle, Texas.  The writing adventure began in early October and will continue until the end of May.   The students are grouped into pairs and enjoy the process of sharing fun information, asking questions that necessitate a direct response and learning fun facts about the state of Texas.  The class is looking forward to “meeting” their pen pals live through skype in the weeks to come. Ms. Swanson has known Mrs. Whitfield for a number of years. She was in her 5th grade class many moons ago.

Gabriela Acevedo-Gutierrez, Wyatt Baber, and Alonso Crespo are pictured working on their letters for their penpals in Texas.



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