Northport Community Participates in National Day of Remembrance for America’s POW/MIA.

Friday morning, September 18, following the Pledge of Allegiance and the Kids At Hope Pledge, Northport joined the Nation in remembering our POW/MIA military members and their families. The community of learners commemorated the day with a special reciting of the “Northport American Children’s Pledge!” The pledge was recited over the school intercom by parent, Angelica Urbiza, and her first grade son, Alex.

“The Northport American Children’s Pledge”

WE, the students of Northport, promise to honor the United States of America.
We pledge to:
Respect ourselves and our fellow citizens,
Protect our Constitutional Rights,
Uphold the laws set forth by our state and nation,
Remember our Forefathers’ sacrifice for our freedom
Commit to the safety of our country with honesty and loyalty
Display pride in all that the United States of America stands for.

Northport is so thrilled to have our parents and community members joining us to bring the very best education to our school. We realize that we can’t do this alone! Thank you to every member of our community for drawing out the best educational experiences that we can offer and for helping the instructors, administrators and staff to mold our students into fine citizens! Northport is truly the epitome of an American School!
Thanks Veteran Partner, Joe Lusardi for bringing the POW/MIA Remembrance to the forefront. The National Day of Remembrance will be commemorated by the local community at Veteran’s Park on Saturday, September 19 at 7:00 pm with a candlelight ceremony. Everyone is invited to attend. Pictured are Mrs. Urbiza and her son, Alex.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist