Mr. Larry Lee Jr. Brings Excitement to Weatherbee Elementary

For the month of February, the students in the Peer Leadership Program at Weatherbee Elementary had the privilege to meet with State Representative Mr. Larry Lee Jr. This program targeting male African American students is one of the PBS strategies used at Weatherbee Elementary. Each month a male role model from the community comes to address these students in need of extrinsic motivation. This month, Mr. Larry Lee Jr. brought a lot of excitement in the air when he offered $5 dollars to any students who answered his questions correctly. In addition, he promised a $5 incentive to all students meeting proficiency in the writing FSA. Furthermore, each Peer Leader received an interactive activity book about the Florida House of Representatives.  The educational channel was present to capture this event, which can be viewed on WLX-TV, The St. Lucie Education Channel.