Mosaic Digital Academy Is Now a Kids At Hope School!


It’s official! Mosaic Digital Academy is proud to be a Kids At Hope school! Our amazing staff here are proud to join St. Lucie School District’s Treasure Hunters and wholeheartedly believe “all children are capable of success – no exceptions!”  We would like to thank the staff at The Roundtable of St. Lucie County who also recently offered a Kids At Hope Parent Workshop to train our parents!

What is Kids at Hope?  Have you heard the phrase “youth at risk?”  Kids at Hope is the opposite of that.  Kids at Hope is a belief that “all children are capable of success – no exceptions!”  We believe that all children are at HOPE – at hope of succeeding in life.  As caring adults, we must do all we can to help children focus on that hope.  We must create a Culture of Hope so that they know that the adults around them expect them to experience success!

Author: Jeanne Ziemba

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