Mariposa Elementary kindergartners get lesson in dental health

Kindergartners at Mariposa Elementary enjoyed a hands-on presentation about how to care for their teeth. They were shown the importance of flossing and the correct way to floss, discussed foods that make their teeth happy and foods that make their teeth sad. They also were shown how to brush their teeth properly to make sure they removed the plaque. Every student left with a tooth brushing kit that included all the tools they needed to ensure successful brushing. Pictured, from left, are Jamarion Riggins, Sabrina Swayne, Kaitlin Taylor, Abigayle Conner, Analisa Bermudez, Maria Roman, JadeĀ  Mayberry, Lillian Baber, and Khaleel Leahong with dental hygienists from Dr. Michael Cook’s Port St. Lucie dental office.