Fort Pierce Westwood Veterinary Students Support Rescue Effort

Fort Pierce Westwood Veterinary students were at the St. Lucie International Airport on October 5th to support in the arrival of a plane from Puerto Rico carrying animals in need of homes and care. The veterinary students along with their teacher, Whitney Uribe, helped to unload the animals from the plane, unload them from their carriers for examination, as well as support the veterinarian with their examinations. That support included completing paperwork, getting the medication requested by the vet ready, as well as the vaccines as requested by the vet.

The students earned volunteer hours as well as invaluable experience working along with the community of people involved in the support and rescue of animals in need. The following students were part of the tremendous response from our community: Maria Zuniga, Alejandra Russelburg, Alexis Mecham, Logan Ankiel, Amanda Birch, Unique Rosario, Sabrina Cardenas, Noah Ortiz, Grace Ramos, Otis Ward, and Hannah Mitchelltree. #fpwpantherpride #moalife1 @fpwhs

Well done, Panthers! We are very proud of you.

The news did an article on the rescue effort of the community for these animals. It can be found here at this link.