Florida Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment

Look at the calendar! Somehow, another school year is almost over, and you realize just how fast time goes when you’re a busy parent raising a family. The days can feel long, but we only get so many spring breaks and summers before they’re graduating high school.

This is why our partner, Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, encourages families to get an early start on college savings. Even if you aren’t sure what your child will ultimately do for postsecondary education, 529 Prepaid Plans are built for flexibility across many educational paths. And the earlier you save, the more affordable and manageable it is.

The 2023 Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment period ends April 30, and it is the only time this year when you can lock in today’s prices to cover future tuition and fees.

  • Their Prepaid Plans offer what families are seeking in today’s economy. They are inflation-proof. Risk-free. Flexible. Affordable. Made for YOU, and where you are today as a family.
  • By saving early, with plans starting at just $45 a month, you can give your child a future full of opportunity.
  • You can use the value of your Prepaid Plan in-state or out, at public, private, trade and technical schools nationwide. Your Prepaid Plan will even work great alongside scholarships, to give you the most flexibility.

Florida Prepaid is here to help you find what’s manageable for your budget while giving your child choices for their future.

Open Enrollment ends April 30, 2023.

Learn more and view Prepaid Plan pricing for your child today: https://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/prepaid-plans/plans-and-pricing/


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