Executive Directors of Schools Announced

St. Lucie Public Schools Superintendent Genelle Yost announced today the selection of current school principals, Pam Dampier and Lydia Martin, as Executive Directors of Schools.

Veteran Principal Pam Dampier currently serves as principal of Lincoln Park Academy. She began her service to St. Lucie Public Schools in 1994 as a teacher who held numerous leadership roles prior to moving into administration. Mrs. Dampier worked as the principal of St. Lucie West K-8 School from August 2005 to June 2013 during which time she facilitated the campus’s successful transition from a middle school to a K-8 school. Mrs. Dampier is a visionary who has the ability to foster support and collaborative relationships amongst her staffs for the united purpose of enhancing student achievement.

Lydia Martin, also celebrated as a successful school leader, will join the the district staff after serving as the principal at Southport Middle School for the past four years. Supporting St. Lucie Public Schools since 1994, Mrs. Martin has held successful leadership roles including classroom instructor, assistant principal and principal. She is a practiced instructional leader who will share her skills and talents to build greater capacity amongst District principals in her new role. Her ability to analyze data and communicate strategies for school improvement make her a natural fit for the position of Executive Director.