At the April 8th School Board Meeting, the winners of the Dr. Samuel S. Gaines Essay Contest were announced.

The First Place award was presented to Grishma Patel, Manatee Academy K-8.

The Second Place Award was presented to Jewel Edwards, Lincoln Park Academy.

The Third Place Award was presented to Alyssa Fernandez, Forest Grove Middle School.


Pictured on back row, David Foxx (LPA Assistant Principal), Terry Davis (FGM Principal), Debbie Hawley (Board Chairman), Genelle Yost (Superintendent), Dr. Samual S. Gaines; on the second row, Jewel Edwards (LPA), Katina Barriner (FGM Teacher), Lillian Beachamp (MANK-8 Principal), Peggy Chase (MANK-8 Assistant Principal), Melissa Hutchings (MANK-8 Assistant Principal), Chuck Kearns (Morganti Group), and on front row, Alyssa Fernandez (FGM), and Grishma Patel (MANK-8).