59th Annual State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida Winners

Recently hundreds of students participated in our Regional STEM Fair held in St. Lucie County. STEM education includes every field under the umbrella of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – everything from chemistry to physics, software design to trigonometry. From this academic showcase, individuals participated in the 59th Annual State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida held in Lakeland in April.

Our students participated and made quite an impact on a continuum of categories ranging from zoology to biochemistry. In fact, three of our 14 participants were invited to participate in the next level of competition- the International Science Fair in Los Angeles, California.

At the School Board Meeting on May 13th, students were recognized and presented plaques by Paul Reif, SLC Science Fair Coordinator, and Kerry Padrick, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

The winners in each division were:

Junior Division 1st Place, Environmental Science- Hafsa Saeed, Lincoln Park Academy
1st Place, Chemistry- Priya Budhai, Oak Hammock K-8
2nd Place, Zoology- Haniya Shareef, Lincoln Park Academy
2nd Place, Physics & Astronomy- Rachel Dowell, Home School
3rd Place, Microbiology- Cristin Donaldson, Lincoln Park Academy
Honorable Mention, Zoology- Shreya Reddy, Lincoln Park Academy
Senior Division 1st Place, Biochemistry- Robert Bacchus, Lincoln Park Academy
3rd Place, Botany- Stephanie Fisher, St. Lucie West Centennial
4th Place, Engineering- Zoe Barbeau, Home School
4th Place, Zoology- Isabella Daza, Home School
Special Award, Luke Horger, Lincoln Park Academy
Honorable Mention, Zoology- Kousal Rao, Lincoln Park Academy
Participants- Ryan Beany and Savannah Senko

Pictured left to right are, Debbie Hawley (Board Chairman), Ryan Beany, Hafsa Saeed, Priya Budhai, Haniya Shareef, Alan Cox (SLWCH Principal), Deanna Pick (accepting for Home School students), Isabella Daza, Pam Dampier (LPA Principal), Cristin Donaldson, Shreya Reddy, Genelle Yost (Superintendent).