CAST K-2 Students Celebrate Women in the Arts

During Women’s History Month, CAST students in kindergarten, first, and second grade used their creativity to honor artistic women in innovative ways. Kindergarteners researched Frida Kahlo’s life and legacy; they observed her many beautiful self-portraits and how she always wore ornate clothing, jewelry, and flowers in her hair. They made flower crowns to match her! First-grade students created mosaic rainbow masterpieces inspired by the artist Alma Woodsey. Second grade had a fun time exploring women in the arts as well. Students researched and used the information to create a poster of Frida Kahlo, Queen of Selfies, and drew a portrait of her as well to create a bulletin board display for their classroom. They also used a camera to take a selfie of themselves. In addition, they researched Georgia O’Keefe. Second-grade students learned about her life and her drawings. They painted replicas of one of her favorite subjects—flowers!




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