Mariposa Elementary’s VPK Focuses on Emergent Reading through Transportation Lessons

Mrs. Claudia Bonilla’s VPK students discussed things that move, including transportation. The students identified what modes of transportation move on land. They were able to help list a couple of examples: cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. The students were able to determine the similarity between each mode of transportation because they all had wheels. Next, the class listened and watched a BrainPOP Jr. snippet about transportation. They then moved into their daily centers. One center reviewed sentence writing: starting with a capital, leaving spaces, and ending with a period. They wrote the following sentence “Cars move on the road.”  Then they drew a picture of a car on the road. In the next center, Mrs. Bonilla discussed with her students what traffic lights are and their use. The students progressed from traffic lights to learning about license plates, why we need them, and where we find them. The students were shown a sample, and then they created their own license plate while reviewing the letters of their name. Another center had books that contained images of road signs. The students then chose their favorite road sign and drew a picture of it. It was a great day of learning and supporting emergent reading with a focus on the recognition that print conveys meaning!


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