F. K. Sweet Thanks the Rotary Club of Ft. Pierce

A special thanks to Mr. Calhoun, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Lowe from the Rotary Club of Ft. Pierce, who generously presented dictionaries to all third grade students at Frances K. Sweet Elementary Magnet School.  They were greatly appreciated!

F. K. Sweet’s Challenge Program Awarded a Grant

Mrs. Stacey Johnson was awarded a $100.00 classroom grant from the Retired Florida Education Association.  Mrs. Barbara Kaste presented the award which will be  used to  purchase rocket engines for building model rockets from recycled materials with students in the Challenge Program. Pictured with Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Kaste are second grade challenge students and Mrs. Juanita Wright, principal.

F. K. Sweet Received Grant To Improve Their Garden

Mrs. Barbara Bennett’s third grade class at Frances K. Sweet Magnet School received a grant from Retired Classroom Teachers  Association of Florida to enhance her class’ vegetable garden. These funds will provide her students with the materials needed to further educate them concerning plants and animals.

F. K. Sweet Breakfast with Santa

Frances K. Sweet’s student council hosted their annual Breakfast with Santa for the students and their families. More than 50 families ate breakfast, made crafts, and met Santa. Pictured are the student council representatives, Mr. Gary Bushby, and of course Santa.

Frances K. Sweet First Graders Make Butter

Students from Mrs. Cindy Langel’s 1st grade class are comparing life now with life in the past.  After learning about how people in the past prepared food, the students used heavy whipping cream to create homemade butter. The students were then able to share their butter with their families during their classroom feast. Pictured from left to right are Luis Rivera, Denzel Wright, Kyra Burton, and Nancy Thomas.

Frances K. Sweet Has Fun at Their PBIS Event

Frances K. Sweet celebrated the last day before the Thanksgiving holiday by having their monthly PBIS event. Ms. Marla Liberatore’s 3rd grade class brought in their favorite games to play with their friends. Students enjoyed playing board games like Monopoly, Sorry, and Hedbanz, and card games like UNO and Crazy Eights. Everyone enjoyed spending their Starbucks to play with their friends at this event. Pictured from left to right are Latrice Elliott, Lauren McEwen, and Jenna Franklin, while they played Monopoly.

Pumpkin Fun at F. K. Sweet

Kindergarten students in Melanie Francisco’s class enjoyed a unit on pumpkins.  The students charted their schema and used their five senses to investigate the physical attributes of a pumpkin.  After some awesome predictions of  what they thought might be inside the pumpkin, they opened it up to find squishy, gooey, strings, and seeds.  Julian Wright loved being the first one to check it out!

F. K. Sweet Kindergartners Connect to Literature

Kindergartners in Morgan Haupt’s Class at Frances K. Sweet Magnet School related to the Little Red Hen’s lesson about working together in order to enjoy the final product.   The students helped their teacher make cupcakes and then they were able to frost them and eat them as a reward for their efforts. Pictured from left to right is Sera Selph, Sutton Paul, and Saige Demontegnac.

F. K. Sweet Second Graders Learn about Native Americans

In Mrs. Kasey Ascani’s second grade class, students have been participating in a unit about “Who We Are As Americans.”  Students have learned about Native Americans and their contributions to our nation. In this activity, the class had to write three facts about Native Americans on each of their feathers and glue them to a head band they designed with symbols from that time period. Pictured, from left to right: Arrianne Reif, Matthew Ham, Dylan Gould, Ireland Wagerer,  Addison Burgess

F. K. Sweet First Graders Take a Science Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk Mrs. Glenda Taylor’s first grade class took an autumn walk around the field behind our school.  Students used their five senses as tools to make careful observations. The students made records about the investigation.  Each child wrote the name of things he or she could see, hear, smell and touch.  Later, everyone tasted grapes and apple slices in our classroom. Pictured left to right are: Asheline Syril, Holly Howard, Uriah Morris, Jamael Gardner and Rihana Salel.

F. K. Sweet Fourth Graders Work on Informative Essays

Fourth grade students at Frances K. Sweet Elementary School are working hard writing explanatory/informative essays.  Students examined parts of an essay, then worked with their shoulder partner to put an essay together in the correct order.  Each part was color coded for students to see the different parts.  After practicing the parts and reading about melting ice in the North and South Poles, the students wrote a response using all of their newly acquired knowledge. Pictured from the left are: Danaye Gibson and William Auriemma.

Fun in the Media Center at F. K. Sweet

The kindergarten classes at Frances K. Sweet listened to the story, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” in the media center with Mrs. Laura Glennon.  After retelling the story to their friends, they created an edible craft of Pigeon driving the bus.  They students really enjoyed this delicious treat!  Pictured: Eden Wagerer ready to eat her bus.

First Graders at F. K. Sweet Have Fun With Shapes

Students in Mrs. Alice Parks’ first grade class at Frances K. Sweet worked on composing two-dimensional shapes.  The shapes were: rectangles, squares, trapezoids, and triangles.  The students created a composite shape using pretzels and marshmallows as their manipulatives.  The students enjoyed eating their shapes after making them. Students from left to right: Mia Delara and Rain Bailey

F. K. Sweet Second Graders Investigate the Tropical Rain Forest

Students in Mrs. Stacey Johnson’s Second Grade Enrichment group created a class diorama of the layers of the Tropical Rain Forest. Students each contributed two animals with fact cards to the class project. Pictured from the left are Arianne Reif, Addison Burgess, and Dylan Gould.

Frances K. Sweet Third Graders Have a Furry Visitor

Ms. Brenda Hoskin from Southeastern Guide Dogs visited Frances K. Sweet third graders after they read Saving Buster, Aero & Officer Mike, and Good Dogs, Guide Dogs.    Ms. Hoskins, the handler, brought her guide dog, Molly, and discussed how Molly was trained and what she is responsible for.  The boys and girls were quite intrigued!

Frances K. Sweet Fourth Graders Go Bananas

Fourth grade students at Frances K. Sweet explored the Law of Conservation of Mass by demonstrating that the mass of a whole object is always the same as the sum of the masses of its parts by finding the percentage of a banana that is edible.  Pictured are from the left, Aidan Herrera and Christopher Gomez.

Capt’n Book Visits Kindergarten at Frances K Sweet

Caleb Miller’s grandfather, Art Lauzon, came and visited Michelle O’Keefe’s kindergarten class as Capt’n Book.  Dressed as a pirate, he entertained the students with a fun-filled book. Mr. Lauzon is a retired principal from Duval County and loves helping support reading in the school.

Frances K Sweet second graders explore forces that shape the Earth

Students in Mrs. Stacey Johnson’s second grade enrichment group at Frances K. Sweet Elementary school are learning about forces that shape our Earth. Students modeled volcanoes and simulated eruptions with a chemical reaction. Pictured left to right, are Arianne Reif, Aaliyah Morgan, Addison Burgess, and Noah Bond.

Frances K Sweet Third Grade Engineers

Students in Mrs. Patricia Jones third grade class at Frances K. Sweet worked as engineers on the second day of school. Their project was to create a name tag they could attach to their bodies visible to the teacher and their new classmates. The criteria included proper conventions of their name, visible from a distance, it would remain attached to them with out falling off, include at least one picture to represent themselves, and they must have used at least three colors. The students enjoyed the brainstorming and creating process. Pictured from left to right, top row, Josh Banate, Christian … Read More

F. K. Sweet Summer Science Fun

Upcoming fifth grades had the opportunity to attend summer camp at F. K. Sweet. Students are learning and having fun all at the same time. Students explored force and motion using balloon race cars to demonstrate the forces surrounding us. Pictured, left to right, are Jacob Andreacchio and Larry Freeman.