SLWK-8 Students in National Art Contest

Ms. Kimberly Nedrow’s art students participated in an art poster contest back in January. Congratulations goes to: • Emelie Paula, 7th Grade Whale Sharks – 1st Prize and $200 • Mishelle Scuderi, 8th Grade Whitetips – 2nd Prize and $150 • Keirah Jimeson and Tiffany Perez, 6th Grade Whitetips – 3rd Prize and $50 each • Sammiah Dorelus, 8th Grade Whitetips and Luyeisy Marquez-Moreno, 8th Grade Megalodons – 4th Prize and $37.50 each In fact, Emelie’s and Tiffany’s poster entries are still in the running for a national prize in their grade groups. You can help by clicking on the … Read More

SLWK-8 7th Grade Scientists

Student’s in Mr. Emerson’s 7th grade science class were visited by Melissa McIntyre of ORCA for the first of 8 classroom visits to learn about our “Living Lagoon.” Shown are students creating and documenting their own microcosm of the Indian River Lagoon ecosystem.

SLWK-8 FSA Pep Rally

SLWK-8 students in grades 3-8 were treated to a Pep Rally for FSA on Tuesday, April 30th. The administration was assisted by the drumline from Centennial High School, as well as some of their basketball players. Students participated in fun games such as: Shooting Hoops Hula Hoop Relay Cup Stacking Centipede Relay Dance Off

SLWK-8 Odyssey of the Mind Places 1st

St. Lucie West K-8 participated in the Palm Regional Competition for Odyssey of the Mind on Saturday, March 9, 2019. There were five problem-solving categories. SLWK-8 entered teams in three of the five categories. • Omer to the Rescue, Again placed 1st in their category with team members: Jasmine Gabriel, Stephanie Leonard, Alexandria Mancini, Isabella Mora, Logan Pino and Kianush Torkaman. • Opposites Distract placed 2nd in their category with team members: Lilliana Boham, Hannah Gaffney, Samantha Leonard, Lillian O’Neill, Parisa Torkaman and Abigail Wiley. • Classics…Leonardo’s Workshop placed 3rd in their category with team members: Elizabeth Callaway, Nora Calnan, … Read More

SLWK-8 Celebrates Perfect FSA Scores with Limo Lunch

Congratulations to the following students who earned a perfect score on FSA last year and were treated to a limo ride to lunch on November 5th: 4th grader, Maria Nolasco 8th grader, Roseanne Rodriguez 8th grader, Ryan Rodriguez The students were accompanied by their parents and the SLWK-8 Administration for this special lunch!

SLWK-8 4th Graders Are Hatching Eggs With 4H

Mrs. Ciufo’s and Ms. Rovendro’s 4th Grade classes are participating in an embryology program with the 4H Club and we are incubating eggs in our classrooms. It will take 21 days for the eggs to hatch. “Candling” the chicken eggs is the way that you visually inspect the development and integrity of each egg using a bright beam of light. In the past, when there was no electricity, farmers used a candle to check the egg. Now we use flashlights!

SLWK-8 3rd Grade Student-Led Conferences

Students in 3rd grade invited their parents to school for student led conferences. Students discussed what they learned and shared their goals for the year. Parents were able to see work samples and students’ tracking charts.

SLWK-8 1st Graders Publish Writing

First Grade just wrapped up completing student treasure books. Each student published an individual book full of their first grade writing. These kits will be mailed away today and they will each receive a FREE soft cover published book to keep, read and cherish forever! They have worked so hard! Thanks to Mrs. Rachael Pastore for organizing!

SLWK-8 1st Graders Flashflight Friday

Each week Ms. Capozzi’s 1st graders practice their reading fluency with a story on their Journeys book. At the end of the week, the students can read it by themselves on Flashlight Friday!

PSLPD Reads to SLWK-8 1st Graders

PSLPD came to read holiday stories to first graders for their holiday tea on December 20th. Students enjoyed cookies, juice and a question/answer session with some police officers.


C-SPAN’s all-new 45-foot customized motor coach partnered with Comcast to engage teachers and students through interactive demonstrations of C-SPAN’s multi-platform public service resources. Students interacted with state-of-the-art resources on the bus including: Large-screen tablets featuring C-SPAN programming and myriad of political and educational resources A smart TV and classroom area for conversations with students and teachers A high-definition TV production studio for taped and live programming A 360-degree video station featuring C-SPAN’s unfiltered coverage of high-profile events and insightful, behind-the-scenes tours of U.S. landmarks A Washington, D.C.-themed selfie station where visitors can share their Bus experience through social media To … Read More

SLWK-8 Speakers Bureau

St. Lucie West K8 (SLWK8) is excited to welcome our first monthly Speakers Bureau speaker in partnership with Dr. Donna Mills, SLPS School Board Vice-Chairperson. Each month, SLWK8 along with other schools, hosts guest speakers who encourage and motivate students to make good choices, use positive role models and learn to find their passion and purpose in life. SLWK8’s guest speaker was Mr. Samuel McDuffie, basketball coach and motivational speaker. Mr. McDuffie spoke insightfully to our eighth grade Sharks. He gave background information about himself and about his youth. He encouraged students to think bigger and to be resolved and … Read More

FPL Sponsors Show for SLWK-8 K-2 Students

On Tuesday, October 4, The National Theatre for Children came to our school and performed for our K-2 students. They performed an energy show sponsored by FPL titled Captain Wattage. Captain Wattage solved the mystery about who was stealing energy. (It was Vivica Voltage!) The boys and girls (and teachers) loved it!

SLWK-8 First Graders Learning about Technology

Over the summer, Mrs. Nemeth, 1st grade teacher, received five tablets for her classroom through a Donors Choose proposal. Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. Students can use photos, videos, drawings, text notes, links, and the recorder to show what they know. After publishing a piece about Fall, students were able to take a picture of their work and record themselves reading it. Families also have the ability to see their child’s work through the Seesaw app and respond with comments and likes.

SLWK-8 Color Run

The SLWK-8 My School Color Run sponsored by the Student Council was a huge success! Thank you everyone for your participation! Special thanks for Ms. Renee Taylor, Mrs. Shawna Portee, and Dean Lauren Kosinski for their hard work in organizing this event. Everyone had a colorful time!

Shark Chefs in Final 4

The SLWK-8 Shark Chefs have been working hard all year preparing dishes for the Gridiron Challenge and they have qualified for the 2017 FINAL FOUR! The competition takes place April 22 in Davie FL, at the NFL Training Facility. The Chefs have perfected their Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli recipe and are ready for the competition! They are excited to represent SLWK-8 and St. Lucie Public Schools!

SLWK-8 Band Director Selected

Ms. Jennifer Rosser, the band director and music teacher at St. Lucie West K-8 School, was honored with the opportunity to be the clinician for the Heartland Middle School Honor Band of Highlands County recently. The honor band consisted of the best band students from nearly 11 middle schools of the surrounding cities in the Highlands County area. Ms. Rosser rehearsed the band for a mere 12 hours of rehearsal over two days culminating in a concert the second evening at the Alan Jay Wildstein Center for the Performing Arts located on the South Florida State College campus. Ms. Rosser … Read More

SLWK-8 Student Is Weekend Weather Kid

Christina DiMeo, an 8th Grader at St. Lucie West K-8 School, was selected as the Weekend Weather Kid by CBS12. Nominated by Barbara Ricks, her business education teacher, Christina conducted herself like a pro during the December 30th broadcast. Congratulations, from your SLWK-8 family!

Superintendent Speaks to 8th Graders at SLWK-8

SLWK-8 School welcomed founding principal and current Superintendent E. Wayne Gent to their 8th Grade end-of-year awards ceremony on May 26th. Mr. Gardner, teachers, and staff appreciate Mr. Gent taking the time to speak to the students about their future and attending high school next year.