Windmill Point students have fun while learning math

Students in Erin Cook’s second grade class at Windmill Point Elementary are working to increase their fluency with math facts. Pictured, students are playing the game Addition War. The students love to play this game as they challenge each other in addition facts.

Windmill Point Elementary celebrates Kids at Hope mentors

Windmill Point Elementary students William and Joseph Kytoski enjoyed some mother and son quality time at a recent “Mother and Son Social” Kids at Hope event recently.  The school’s PTO and the Kids at Hope committees collaborated and hosted this event to celebrate ACES, those caring adults in a child’s life identified through the Kids at Hope initiative.  It is believed that one reason children succeed is when they have meaningful and sustainable relationships with caring adults. The boys enjoyed dancing and taking pictures with their ACES and making cards that will hold special memories in years to come! An upcoming Father-Daughter … Read More

Students earn lunch with the principal at Windmill Point

Christian Baca and Adrian Colon, students from Kelita Singleton’s third grade class at Windmill Point Elementary recently enjoyed lunch with Principal Jonetha Maness. Christian saved up his Wildcat Cash for an opportunity to bring a friend and enjoy lunch in the principal’s conference room. Pictured, from left, are Principal maness, Christian and Adrian.

Windmill Point students enjoy science experiments

Students in Meghan Brown’s third grade class at Windmill Point Elementary are enjoying working on their science experiments during their science block as they explore the scientific process. Students help one another by coaching and encouraging their teammates to formulate questions, generate hypotheses, conduct experiments and collect data.  Pictured, from left, are Julia Ribeiro, Paul Alegre, Catherine Nehru, and Karicia Santiago.

Windmill Point students demonstrate musical articulation

Fifth grade students in Kim Terpening’s music class at Windmill Point Elementary used their bodies and scarves to describe what they hear in music. As students work to reach their learning goal of understanding notation and being able to read and notate music, each student was given a scarf to demonstrate their understanding of staccatos and legatos. Students used the scarves and their bodies to distinguish between these two forms of musical articulation as they listened to “The Syncopated Clock” by Leroy Anderson.

Windmill Point students enjoy veteran’s visit

In honoring Veterans, Retired Master Chief Eugene Sereg of the United States Navy visited Windmill Point Elementary students recently. Master Chief Sereg shared his experiences and his accomplishments in the Navy. Pictured with Sereg is fifth grade teacher Elizabeth Guanchez, who volunteered to model a real-life soldier’s uniform during war time. Students loved when Master Chief played his bugle.

Windmill Point students and staff support worthy cause

Students and staff at Windmill Point Elementary School recently put on their hats and dressed in pink to show their support for two worthy causes. As part of the district-wide Stand Up to Stand Out anti-bullying campaign, everyone pulled out their pink attire and wore it proudly to proclaim that bullying is not tolerated on our campus. As a Community Outreach effort, students and staff made contributions to United Way and held their heads high with their favorite hats. Community Outreach is a school support committee which works to give back to the community and show outhe school’s compassion for others. 

Windmill Point students earn PBS game hour

Students in Mandy Farrell’s third grade class at Windmill Point Elementary School were recently awarded a PBS game hour for their good behavior. Students paid $20 Wildcat Cash to spend one hour playing games with their friends.Pictured, from left, are Marshall Domond, Conner Henderson, and Daniel Etumnu.

Student-led conferences are a success at Windmill Point

Student-led conferences are family discussions where the student leads a discussion of his/her work. In this format, the teacher becomes the facilitator while students lead their families in conversations that require them to reflect on and evaluate their work. Students in first through fifth grades recently invited their parents in to share with them their academic progress from the first nine weeks. Pictured, at left, Principal Jonetha Maness conferences with a student while Erick Lopez conferences with his dad, Ray Lopez.

Windmill Point students explore civics and government

In light of the recent presidential election, students in Caryol Hallahan’s second grade class at Windmill Point Elemnentary researched information about many of the prominent symbols of freedom and democracy. Students learned about the Statue of Liberty, the AmericanfFlag, the White House, and the bald eagle, among other symbols. Pictured here, students share a presentation for parents that they wrote and created based on their research.

Students at Windmill Point hold mock presidential election

After weeks of research and debate about the candidates, the students in Pam Bryant’s fourth grade class at Windmill Point Elementary School voted for President. Students enjoyed learning about the voting process, the terminology, and the significance of elections in our country. With this experience happening only every four years, it was an excellent teachable moment about history. The students really enjoyed learning about the voting process and all that it entails and are looking forward to the day that they will get to cast their votes.

Windmill Point students celebrate literacy

Students in Dorcia Reid’s first grade class at Windmill Point Elementary recently dressed up or created posters of their favorite characters and participated in a parade around the school to showcase their favorite character to parents and fellow students. Following the parade, students shared their books with their classmates and explained why they liked the character they chose.

Windmill Point incorporates technology into learning

Windmill Point Elementary fifth graders are incorporating technology into Social Studies. Students have been learning about the European Explorers and the importance they have had on our world in Social Studies. Pictured is Laura Young’s fifth grade class as they are creating a Power Point presentation on a specific explorer. They will be teaching each other about their explorer by presenting their PowerPoint presentations to the class. They are learning not only how technology can enhance their projects but how it enhances their learning.

Windmill Point kindergartners learn sight words creatively

Students in Tara Nettles’ kindergarten class at Windmill Point Elementary are learning their sight words in innovating ways. The students created turkeys and added first quarter sight words to show their knowledge of the words. The students worked diligently to complete their sight word turkeys during the fluency and word work portion of their day. They thoroughly enjoyed reading the words to each other once the turkeys were completed.

Windmill Point students enjoy their reading station

Windmill Point Elementary students in Patricia Reardon’s third grade class are engaged in working on reading fluency and vocabulary during their reading station. Working together provides students the opportunity to draw on each others’ strengths, fostering confidence as students collaborate. Pictured, from left, are Kaden Stratton, Harold Velasquez, Iyana Dominguez, and Daejsha Jackson.

Windmill Point Elementary students perform “Annie, Jr.”

Students at Windmill Point Elementary performed the musical “Annie, Jr.” at Treasure Coast High School recently. All of the students who participated did a wonderful job, and we truly appreciated all the teachers, staff and parents who helped make this play such a huge success!!

Leadership Day comes to Windmill Point Elementary

Windmill Point Elementary School hosted a Leadership Day and welcomed community members to learn about the school’s programs.  Fourth grade student Talia Ricketts shows visitors her data binder at a mock student led conference.

Students make Mother’s Day surprises at Windmill Point

Students at Windmill Point Elementary decorated surprise Mother’s Day cakes as part of  the school’s PBS fundraiser. Students enjoyed making their own special cakes with the help of cafeteria staff to honor the  significant person in their lives.  Many, many thanks to Publix for always supporting students!