Weatherbee’s Peer Leadership Luncheon

For 36 male students at Weatherbee Elementary, It was an exciting lunch. Indeed, Commissioner Kim Johnson was the guest of honor at the Peer Leadership Luncheon. This luncheon is special program targeting African American male students with low reading proficiency or social/emotional challenges. Every month, these students get together for lunch as they are being motivated by successful African American males from the community. For the month of January, Commissioner Kim Johnson exceeded all expectations as he used his life story to inspire our Peer Leaders.  Before he was elected Commissioner of district 5 in St Lucie County, Mr. Kim Johnson was Outstanding Teacher of the year in St. Lucie County and a winner of the Golden Apple Award in Missouri. In addition, he gave more than 1,000 speeches to more than 1 million teachers and students nationally. Therefore, it was an honor to have such a motivational speaker for the Peer Leadership Program.  This program, coordinate by Dr. Jennifer Nelson and Guermithe Ogé, is one of the strategies used to promote Kids At Hope at Weatherbee Elementary, where ALL CHILDREN ARE CAPABLE OF SUCCESS. NO EXCEPTIONS!