Mariposa Elementary students learn math and measuring through baking

In fourth grade to practice learning about fractions, students in Michele Graci’s class at Mariposa Elementary decided to do some real world application. This project was helpful for the class to be able to answer the question fractions’ purpose. The students each got a chance to make a cake mix and end up with cake pops to eat at the end of their experiment. The class was put into four groups, and each afternoon a different group was put to the test. They were given a cake mix box and all the ingredients and tools they would need. It was then their job to read the directions on the box to measure and mix the ingredients properly with no help from the teacher.  Once they were sure it was ready, the cake pops were prepared in a small oven. The students were then able to taste the results when they were finished baking.  At the end of the week, students votec on which batch tasted better. Students realized that it is important to be able to not only read directions, but also measure fractions properly because if not done so the cake pops will not bake properly. One of the groups did measure incorrectly and the students were able to tell right away because once baked the cake pops did not come out properly. Pictured are students reading the directions and preparing the cake pops.