November STAR Awards

St. Lucie Public Schools honors its staff and volunteers with STAR Awards for exceptional customer service. This month, the following individuals were recognized: Transportation: Carolyn O’Neal and Betty Proctor Facilities and Maintenance: Estaquio Acevedo Student Services: Gary George Volunteer Services: Terrance Beauford   Thank you for your dedication and service to the students and families in our community.

States of Matter in Kindergarten at Mariposa Elementary

Mrs. Wolff’s kindergarten class at Mariposa Elementary is learning about the states of matter. Prince Boatswain and Olivia Thrasher were excited to see a cool transformation. The students measured, felt, smelled, observed and discussed the white grainy solid that was placed on their plates. They discussed how it could change shape. Then water was added to their teaspoon amount of grainy powder and “POOF” the powder transformed 100% in size forming snow. They not only discussed how and why this transformation took place but also how it cooled in temperature as well. The class was delighted to make snowballs in … Read More

Joe the Biker Empowers Bayshore Students

As part of Bayshore Elementary School’s Bullying Prevention Campaign, students had the opportunity to hear from Joe the Biker!  Joe the Biker shared his own experiences with students to teach the importance of standing up to bullying and how to get help within their school and community.

Veterans Day Ceremony

The Port Saint Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion proudly supported the Port Saint Lucie Veterans Day Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park. The Jaguar cadets provided an Honor Formation during the ceremony, Color Guard, and a tap ceremony. Lieutenant Colonel (USA Ret.) Nevarez was one of the guest speakers who gave an amazing speech. The Jaguars worked in unison with Treasure Coast High School Air Force JROTC, and other organizations for the posting of the colors. The cadets gave an outstanding presentation overall. The Jaguar Battalion greatly appreciates and salutes all of the veterans, and their sacrifices to our nations.

Students Take to the Sunrise Stage for the 3rd Annual STE@M Rap Battle

Learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics along with a splash of the arts (STE@M) makes students want to sing and dance. From a scientific point of view, the previous two trials (AKA previous two annual Rap Battles), support the hypothesis that the 3rd annual STE@M Rap Battle will play to another full house at the Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce on Friday, November 20th at 7 P.M. Student teams from around the district will align STE@M-based lyrics to hip-hop beats in a Rap Battle sponsored by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) and hosted by special guest Dr. Christopher Emdin, Associate … Read More

Northport Presents Fascinating, First Rate Veterans Day Commemoration!

It is with distinct pleasure and pride that Northport K-8 School commemorate Veterans Day with a flourish. The morning of November 10 started with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Kids at Hope Pledge. Students then recited the “Northport American Children’s Pledge.” The media center filled up quickly with at least fifteen local veterans from all different branches of the military and students from the 6, 7 and 8 grade Northstars and the grades 7 and 8 Stingrays teams. Students from the Northport Choir under the direction of Thomas Conner sang the National Anthem with thrilling tones that had the … Read More

Allapattah Flats’ Students Connect with North Carolina Aquarium

Students in Ms. Mellion’s 2nd grade classroom have been learning all about life cycles of animals and plants. They were able to use Skype to connect with Ms. Samantha Betancur of the North Carolina Aquarium to learn even more! Students were engaged in an online Skype presentation about Sea Turtles, their life cycle, and threats. After meeting a real life Loggerhead Turtle, students were swimming with information and excited for future Skype education!  

REE’s PBIS Fall Festival is Educational and Fun!

Rivers Edge’s PBIS committee hosted a Fall Festival on Thursday, October 29! All students participated in the “educational” part of the festival with booths that included bowling, making volcanoes, racing cars, and creating their own lava lamps. Students could also use 35 of their Otter Bucks to attend the fun side of the festival. REE parents manned these booths and had a blast giving out candy and gifts to students that competed in the duck pond, corn hole toss, hula hoop contest, and more.     

Marine and Oceanographic Academy Promotes Anti-bullying with Lakewood Park Elementary

On Friday, November 6th, seniors from the Marine and Oceanographic Academy traveled to Lakewood Park Elementary to put on an anti-bullying skit for the students. The skits, which were to created by the seniors, were meant to highlight different types of bullying that could take place in school and the resulting side effects.  In a day and age where bullying is becoming ever more prevalent, the seniors felt it was important to get the message out to the younger generation. The seniors were thankful to Mrs. Young for allowing them to take time out of their day to meet with the … Read More

Geocaching Exercise at Southern Oaks

Through a collaborative effort by the Social Studies, ESE, and Robotics Departments, Southern Oaks Middle School students participated in their first geocaching exercise. Student pairs were given the latitude and longitude of a cache location. Combining their GPS technology with their previously learned map skills, they sought out the hidden clues about Hammurabi’s Code, one of the oldest surviving codes of law in recorded history.

Sam Gaines Academy Honor Roll/Student Led Conference Event

On Wednesday November 4th, Samuel Gaines Academy hosted its first combination honor roll assembly/student led conference event. Students explained to parents and Treasure Hunters all of their accomplishments from the first nine weeks of school. Students also led conferences showing the items in their Colt Binders. Forest Grove Principal Terry Davis visited with several students to see and appreciate their hard work. Traci Wilke, proud principal of Samuel Gaines Academy, along with her dedicated staff did an awesome job of organizing all of the caring adults who were in attendance.

Northport Promotes Positive Interactions Between Students, Parents, Community, Teachers, and Books! Thanks, Americorps!

Northport K-8 School is vigorously promoting community connections and positive support from our local business partners, veterans, Children’s Services Council, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, AmeriCorps, parents, grandparents and families. We realize that for a total and well-rounded education for all students, No Exceptions, we need support and open doors. This is Fall Book Fair time at Northport and we invite the community to join us to encourage reading for pleasure for all our students. Thank you to the many, many parents and grandparents who have to come to shop with their children, but we also give a standing ovation to … Read More

Impromptu Book Club

These 4th graders at Manatee Academy immediately formed their own BOOK CLUB in the library and started choral reading of a terrifying, suspenseful novel they couldn’t wait to get their hands on! They didn’t even notice that they were being photographed.  Now THAT’S a great book! One reader described it as “CREEPTASTIC!”  

Eighth Graders at Palm Pointe Enjoying Science

Eighth grade students in Heather Huszar’s science classes at Palm Pointe were learning how to evaluate the law of conservation of mass by demonstrating and concluding that mass is conserved when substances undergo physical and chemical change.  An experiment involving baking soda, balloons, water, and vinegar demonstrated this concept.  Students were engaged and excited about learning a difficult science concept.  Pictured are eighth graders getting ready to conduct the experiment.

Pumpkin Fun at F. K. Sweet

Kindergarten students in Melanie Francisco’s class enjoyed a unit on pumpkins.  The students charted their schema and used their five senses to investigate the physical attributes of a pumpkin.  After some awesome predictions of  what they thought might be inside the pumpkin, they opened it up to find squishy, gooey, strings, and seeds.  Julian Wright loved being the first one to check it out!

F. K. Sweet Kindergartners Connect to Literature

Kindergartners in Morgan Haupt’s Class at Frances K. Sweet Magnet School related to the Little Red Hen’s lesson about working together in order to enjoy the final product.   The students helped their teacher make cupcakes and then they were able to frost them and eat them as a reward for their efforts. Pictured from left to right is Sera Selph, Sutton Paul, and Saige Demontegnac.

Northport Thrilled With “Priceless” Business Partner!

Northport K-8 School administrators and teachers are over the moon with the news that the school has been “adopted” by the local Walmart Distribution Center. On a recent morning, teachers were called to the Media Center for a surprise visit from several representatives from the Distribution Center. The group expressed to teachers that several of the staff who work at the center have children who attend Northport and that they would like to partner with the school to enhance community relations and to extend a helping hand to give teachers added support. The Walmart representatives distributed twenty $50 gift cards … Read More

Weatherbee’s Peer Leadership Program

Once a month, Weatherbee Elementary will host guest speakers who are positive and  powerful role models to come in and speak for one hour to students who will benefit from this event. We started October 30th with Dr. Perry as our first guest speaker!