Frances K Sweet Kindergarten book buddies

Maliyah Montuna and Ruben Medina in Michelle O’Keefe’s kindergarten class, read to their reading buddies during literacy centers. They enjoyed picking out books and reading to their friend and their animals.

Using science in Kindergarten at Frances K Sweet

What is Science? Kindergartners in Melanie Francisco’s class can tell you! They loved using science tools to explore the world around them, including making milk rainbows. Jason Robinson and James Ashburn observed what happened when dish soap was placed in a plate of milk and food coloring. So cool!!!

CIA Day at SLW Centennial!

On Tuesday, September 17 four Culinary Institute of America (CIA) chefs presented CIA at St Lucie West Centennial High.  Over 92 high school students from St Lucie West Centennial (SLWC), Fort Pierce Central, and Martin County High participated in four workshops: Chef Donald Sedivy-CIA Graduate and local Chef working in prestigious Private Clubs demonstrated a Garde Manger appetizer (chopped fresh veggies showcasing Florida tomatoes, mangos, avocados, and lump crab meat); Chef Harrison Kantor-2013 CIA graduate prepared an ethic dish of Falafel with Tahini Sauce; Chef Arnym Solomon-CIA Trustee Emeriti prepared Caribbean Style Stews; and Chef Jacqui Pressinger- CIA Assistant Director … Read More

First Grade Pen Pals at Westgate

Ms. Jessica Berggren’s first grade class is participating in an alphabet exchange with 25 schools from around the country. The class was given the letter E. They read the book Elmer. Then they decorated the letter E to look like Elmer the elephant. The letters were mailed to other  schools and  the class has received a few returned letters already. The students can’t wait to receive even more “letters” from all around the country.

Windmill Point art students use their science skills

Mrs. Miller’s 5th grade art students discovered the Elements of Art using science observation skills.  Each pair of students were given a hand lens and set of leaves and asked questions that they then answered using their senses and observation skills.  Using team work, they then compared their observations and charted them to help the students understand the elements found in all art.  Shown in the photo is Cassandra Lembo.

Southport Middle School’s Amazing Artwork

Katherine Avra’s art classes kicked off the year exploring the ELEMENT OF LINE.  All classes started out by learning about line, utilitarian art, and Florida license plate designs. Students created their own personalized license plates with colored pencil.  6th graders learned about Notans, a Japanese term for the harmony of light and dark. We discovered the connections between positive shape, negative space and symmetry. Our theme was sea life; students drew 6 sea life examples, carefully cut them out on black paper and flipped them outward to show symmetry and reveal the positive and negative harmonies. The work was mounted on … Read More

Palm Pointe participated in Circle of Hope

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. On September 17, Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition participated in Circle of Hope, which is a district-wide project for creating cancer awareness, raising money for research and honoring those who have gone on a cancer journey. Pictured is the Morning Crew from left (Back row)Sydney Holtzclaw, Debra Snyder, Principal, Julia Genkinger, Alejandra Monzon, Mindy Murray, and Aishwarya Kalluri,( Front row ) is Maria Hearn, Celeste Hall, Krista Garcia, Lupe Novoa and Erika Goldberg after sharing interesting cancer awareness facts on the daily morning broadcast.    

Thinking Maps utilized at Palm Pointe

Lorri Rudzinski’s second grade class at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition completed a Thinking Map flee map using the Common Core standard of demonstrating understanding of characters, setting and plot using the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. They were excited to share their group effort with James Dean the representative of Thinking Maps. Pictured from left is Karie Dyer, Naje’ Carter Evans, Jacob Eichenlaub, Alaysia Jackson, Nicolas Tovar, Nikko Lopez, Cianna Lents, Jack Lopez, Jasmine Duarte-Garcia, Cooper Kuba, Joshua Volcin, Zion Sanguinetti, Kenzie Kemerson, Breanna Sylvain, Madison Kohn and Luptia Vargus

Constitution Day at Gaines Academy

Constitution Day is not going unnoticed at Samuel Gaines Academy. Mr. Robert Plowden’s  8th grade students joined this celebration by displaying thinking maps and art work. The students also have entered the “Constitution Day” poster contest and a group of attorneys from the Tri-County area came to speak with them about constitutional amendments.

Northport k8 school works to eradicate bullying

Northport K-8 School welcomed LA Hardy recently to bring his message of self respect , self esteem, feeling great about yourself, and how to say “Enough is Enough” to bullies. Mr. Hardy spoke about his past as a bully and he informed the students about the differences between teasing and bullying. He spoke with heartfelt emotion about his trips to Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a group of stand up comedians to bring special messages to the troops. Mr. Hardy, originally from Cleveland, Ohio presently is a radio host at WFLM 104.7 The Flame. He gave students an assignment … Read More

Dads and Lads Bond over Books

Manatee Academy boys gather for a great event where 13 Lads brought their Dads, uncles or Grandpas! Several boys gave Booktalks about a book they really liked. Two Dads gave Booktalks too. They then went on a website where they answered 10 questions to determine what kind of Superhero Reader they were. Each boy received a new copy of  Treasure Island to share with their significant male adult as well as a “Guys Read” bookmark. Pizza was enjoyed by all! Debbie Remington, Media Specialist, told them about recent research that showed that students who read for pleasure frequently not only improve their reading but also show … Read More

Northport k8 school integrates lesson of the survivors tree

Northport K-8 School fifth grade students in Melanie Polascak’s class learned a valuable lesson on survival and how to flourish through a tragedy while learning about the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Mrs. Polascak integrated visual information using video clips of the original World Trade Center prior to 9/11 and of the Ground Zero Memorial, comparing and contrasting the scenes. The class noted the story of “The Survivor Tree” which sustained extensive damage during the attacks. The original tree, a callery pear tree, has been replanted at the Ground Zero Memorial for all to enjoy and learn the story … Read More

Northport culinary department honors local first responders

Northport K-8 School Culinary Arts instructor, Rachel Ellsworth and a group of her students honored local firefighters from Port St. Lucie, Station 3 on September 11 with a tray of homeade baked goods from the Northport Culinary students. Students walked to Station 3 after school and hand delivered the goodies. Along with the firefighters are Northport students from left, Ayana Kelly, Deja Gannon, Kelsey Krieger and Melissa Hruby. Northport K-8 School students delighted in honoring community first responders and were moved to remember all the heroes who acted courageously on September 11, 2001.

Frances K Sweet kindergarteners have fun with letters

John Howard “mustache” you a question. Do you know the sound that the letter M makes? He does of course. Kindergarteners in Mrs. Michelle O’Keefe’s class at Frances K Sweet had fun wearing their mustaches while learning about the letter M.

Frances K Sweet remembers their local heros

In honor of the anniversary of 9/11, students in all grade levels at Frances K. Sweet wrote letters and cards to their local police and firefighters thanking them for their service to the community. The letters will be delivered to the Fort Pierce Police Department and the St. Lucie County Fire Department on Wednesday, September 11th. Pictured is fourth grader Ava McGoorty.  

Palm Pointe Peticaid Program for Project Citizen receives a grant

Palm Pointe graduates reconnect with Hillary Cruz, 7th grade Civics teacher at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition, and Janet Winikoff, representing the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County, regarding the students’ 2011/12 Project Citizen idea for a pet food stamps program. The students targeted low-income pet owners as the problem to focus on for their class project two years ago; claiming one of the most cited reasons for surrendering pets was due to the owners’ inability to financially care for them. Students had the idea to create a Medicaid-type program (called Peticaid), that would subsidize … Read More

Fourth grade scientists at Frances K Sweet

Frances K. Sweet’s fourth grade students in Mrs. Nardi Routten’s class became scientists as they explored “ice balloons”.  Students recorded their observation as they performed several tasks.  First they compared and contrasted the results of scraping the ice balloon with a toothpick versus a paperclip.  Students also observed what happened after salt was poured on the top of the ice balloon, and then food coloring.  Finally, students observed what happened when the ice balloon was placed in a tub of water.  During each activity students formed questions and wrote them on post-it notes.  Later, these questions were grouped according to … Read More

FPC Aerospace Internships

Summer 2013 proved to be an exciting time for Fort Pierce Central (FPC)/Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) students.  Eight FPC/ERAU Aerospace Institute students, 10 – 12 graders, were selected to be the inaugural class for a new internship program launched in cooperation with Renegade Light Sport Aircraft of Fort Pierce. The interns spent the summer learning and working at Renegade at the St. Lucie County International Airport in Fort Pierce under the mentoring of several members from the Fort Pierce Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 908.  Interns included Anthony Oreo, Zac Molinelli, Bryce Starr, Brady Loupe, Leo Troncoso, Ruelane Kindred, … Read More

Northport Commemorates 9/11 with Power Instruction

Each year Northport K-8 School commemorates and pays tribute to the victims and heroes of September 11, 2001. The school media center is dedicated to the memory of the eight children who perished on 9/11. This year, the school media center program offered Power Instruction to sixth and eighth students on the Shark and Mariner teams. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by eighth grader, Matthew Seama and the National Anthem was sung by choral student, Sharene Thomas. Mr. Kirk, Northport choral director and his vocalists, the Velvet Bluebirds, sang a powerful rendition of  “America the Beautiful.” An extremely informative … Read More

Northport K8 Honors Grandparents

Northport K-8 School was abuzz with the excitement of Grandparent’s Day recently. A special luncheon was held in the cafeteria as grandparents met their children for lunch. Tables were decorated with floral arrangements and students were thrilled that special visitors had arrived. That afternoon, first grade teachers, Renee Immordino, Michelle McCloskey and Pam Mishler invited grandparents from their classes of students to a special children’s program with songs and poetry honoring all grandparents . Middle grades Culinary Arts instructor, Rachel Ellsworth collaborated with the teachers as her classes baked and showcased homeade apple pies, pineapple upside down cakes and offered … Read More