Young Authors’ Celebration – FAQs

The Young Authors’ Celebration is just around the corner.  That means books are due very soon!  Young Author Books are due to  Rivers Edge on 4/30! Please feel free to email Ilyse Brainin if your books will not make the pony in time.


St. Lucie County Reading Council’s Young Authors’ Celebration – 2018!

Quick FAQ Sheet

What are the criteria for each school?                                                                               

To encourage creativity and to support school-specific writing initiatives, schools may come up with their own rubric for how they will determine the top authors. SLCRC only requires that books be original text and artwork. Writing can be fiction or non-fiction: a picture book, a report, poetry, a short story… the sky’s the limit!                                                                                                                                 

How many works can each school submit?

It is recommended that each school’s submissions reflect the diversity of the student body – keep your ESE and ELL students in mind when making your selections.                                                                 

Below is the maximum number of works each school may submit:

  • K-5 Schools – 4 Submissions
  • Middle Schools – 3 Submissions
  • High Schools – 4 Submissions
  • K-8 Schools – 7 Submissions

When is the YA Celebration?

May 19th, 2018

Who may attend?

Young Authors selected by each school and their parents/guardians (The invitation states that they can bring 2 guests.)

If Young Authors coordinators are able to attend, we would love to have you come, as well as Young Author’ teachers and school administrators. Please let me know whom from your school is attending so we can ensure we have enough seating and snacks for everyone.

Where is this happening?

Oak Hammock School

What time does it start?

10:00 am

When is it over?

Around 11:30 or 12:00

Will there be a grand prize winner?

All are winnersthis is a celebration of amazing Young Authors in SLC!

What do I do once school winners are selected?

Please email me with the names and grades of the winners for your school by Monday, April 30th.

Do we turn in winning student writing?

Each book submitted should include the student name, grade level, teacher name, and school name. All submissions must be turned in to Rivers Edge, Ilyse Brainin, in pony by Monday, Monday, April 27th.

How are the parents notified?

When the list of Young Authors winners is received, an invitation will be emailed to each school’s contact to give to students.

Do parents RSVP?  

Parents must RSVP to the school contact person if they plan on attending.

Will there be prizes at the Young Authors Celebration?

There will be door prizes!

Will food be served at the celebration?

Light snacks will be served.

* Please contact Ilyse Brainin at  or Lori Foley at with any questions or comments.